Remembering Boots

It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to Boots and in my mind’s eye I can still see his face the last time I looked into his eyes. We miss Boots a lot. This morning, as I walked onto the driveway to retrieve the newspaper, I remembered the thousands of mornings (every morning for 10 years!!) when Boots delivered the paper right to our entryway, in return for a treat, of course. When the paper was late, he sat on the driveway waiting for it, no matter what the weather. We don’t expect to ever find another Boots, and of course, no person or animal can ever be replaced.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find something that brings comfort, even as we mourn our loss. Prior to opening Pets Remembered Cremation, when we were in the planning stages, Skip ordered a variety of memory merchandise so we could consider items to go with our cremation service. He sent a couple of photos of Boots off, and in return we received a pillow, a bag, and a blanket, each featuring an image of Boots. We have those items on display but have rarely heard any remarks or comments about them, nor have I given them much thought until now.

Those images of Boots give me a sense that, in some mysterious way, he is in our midst. When we got those items a couple of years ago I thought they were kind of corny, but now they bring me comfort, as do the formal family photographs (thanks to Patrick Nau!) we had taken over a year ago. I expected Boots to be with us longer than he was, but knowing how we cannot know when death will come, I am so glad we have visible ways to remember him.