Well I had gotten Tiko in 2013. He was abused so I had taken him in and raised him with love and joy... he was the most chill dog ever. He would go everywhere with me and I mean everywhere to grocery shopping, to football games, etc... He was my friend and best friend he would never leave my side. The kids just loved him and he enjoyed their company. At the end of 2015 we had gotten another Chihuahua and his name was Chapo and they become best friends and were like brothers. He was 2 yrs old and of course Tiko was the little one, but was 4 yrs old. He had shown Chapo how to do everything. Chapo was not letting Tiko out of his site so they were really close. Now it's 2017, we all decided to go downtown to walk on the bridge Tiko has been walking on for 3 yrs. When we crossed over the street I stayed and Tiko got scared and saw me and decided to come back across the street to be with me. A truck happened to not see Tiko and ended up running him over. Tiko passed within not even 2 minutes. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. When my son had to see him take his last breath all you see is tears and nothing to say. Chapo doesn't have his best friend nor his brother no more and he also sad. We got to take Tiko home with us and we feel a lot better knowing he is here with us. We love you Tiko and will always miss you and have you in our hearts. Your family...


lora on Apr 24, 2017

my baby ...

Pets Remembered on Apr 6, 2017



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