January 28, 2005 - April 10, 2017


Jan 28, 2005 - Apr 10, 2017



January 28, 2005 to April 10, 2017

Our beautiful, sweet "Rasta-girl" filled our life with so much love and joy. I fell in love with Rasta the moment we met, when she sat in my lap, looked up at me and gentle kissed my face. She was the definition of unconditional love. From her sweet kisses, soft nuzzles, loving looks or simply being near, you could feel her love. Her sweet and gentle nature brought smiles and warmth to so many people. And so many people loved her, a testament to how truly special she was. Dog-lovers or not, Rasta managed to find a special place in the hearts of so many people.

More than anything, Rasta loved being with her family--especially me, her Mom. Rasta gave me the most amazing 12 years--through so many life changes including marriage and kids. She was an unyielding and faithful companion, lovingly by my side no matter what. Taking walks together, especially in the woods, was one of Rasta's favorite things to do. She also loved eating her greenies and liver treats. From camping, fishing (she loved coming on the boat and licking the fish we caught), hiking and family gatherings, Rasta was at my side and a loyal member to the whole family. She was a beautiful girl, winning three top awards with her groomer. Rasta was beautiful in every way.

Rasta led a happy, healthy and full life, but caught us off guard when she died suddenly from a heart condition. We are thankful we had time to say good-bye. She was able to die at home on her bed surrounded by her family. Leaving just as sweetly as she arrived, she gently kissed my face and passed away. We miss our Rasta-girl deeply. I am beyond grateful for the bond Rasta and I shared. I am grateful for the love she gave me, our family and others. Rasta will always be a part of our family and me. She will live on in the hearts and memories of so many.

Good-bye my sweet Rasta-girl--Mama will love you forever!


Lori Connelly on Apr 27, 2017

I remember taking care of Rasta years ago. She was truly one of the sweetest, smartest dogs I've ever known. Rasta was private about her eating (at least away from home) as she would only dine on her kibbles in the closet. ((: Rasta was a fantastic dog and we were proud to take her on walks. May many fond memories bring you comfort and peace.

Mary Kardash on Apr 27, 2017

Such a nice Tribute to sweet Rasta girl Kira! She will be missed dearly by us, especially by Genevieve. Her presence and sweetness will be missed at our family gatherings, especially on Halloween where she would parade around town with us and everyone would stop and ask you about her. She was the ONLY dog that Chad would allow to have many sleepovers in our home, which says a lot about how special she was. We are so sorry for your loss and wish your heart healing through the special memories you have with her. Love ya girl!

Pets Remembered on Apr 27, 2017

Jordan Bloom on Apr 26, 2017

CandleI'm not the best with words perhaps that's why I chose a career working with pets. In my 10 years of grooming I've never met a pair quite like Kira and Rasta. I must say Rasta was my all time favorite client, Kira is too ;) but Rasta was very special to me. Not only was Rasta a dream to groom but she was SUCH a GOOD dog! The perfect family pet! She was the reason I got to know the Beaudette family and for that I am so greatful. Maybe I'm a little biased because we won three 1st place awards together and she was the first dog I competed with. Either way Rasta was like one of my own. Kira, Bill, you were great pet owners but even more you were exceptional parents to "Ra Ra Ru", "Girl Friend", "Rasta Pasta". I'll miss that poodle! It feels like I lost one of my own. I'm so sorry.

Melanie St. Sauver on Apr 26, 2017

CandleI remember when Rasta would get her haircut & could tell she felt beautiful! Also, all the walks she would take with Kira & being able to watch her play in the backyard while chasing the bunnies! You were so loved Rasta❤️

Annara on Apr 26, 2017

That was absolutely perfect. I never met Rasta but from how you described her, I have no doubt she was very special. One in a million. They are the toughest ones to lose but take solace in the fact that she picked you to be her mom and to spend her life with. It's just not fair they can't be with us longer. I know how difficult this must be for you and your family and my heart breaks for you guys. Take it day by day as I know you will and cherish your memories of her. She is grateful for the love and life you gave her. Love you lots - Annara

Pets Remembered on Apr 26, 2017


Carrie Beaudette on Apr 26, 2017

Kira & Bill - I am so very sorry about your losing Rasta. they are family and it hurts so bad. I am
thinking about you. SO SORRY !!

Kira on Apr 26, 2017

Pets Remembered on Apr 22, 2017



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