April 25, 2017

In Max's early years, he was an exhibit cat. He traveled around the country to schools, Renaissance Festivals and auto shows. When Max was no longer compliant for his owner, he was fortunately retired to our Sanctuary in 1999. Max was a happy boy that had affection for his caregivers, but even more affection toward other animals. He was friendly to his neighbors, and a love connection formed between he and Misha the cougar in 2001. They lived together ever since. Their friendship was featured in National Geographic Kids magazine, as well as other articles. Max was a cat that was very at peace with himself. He would purr at his caregivers, call to his friends across the sanctuary, and always followed Misha around with his signature Max grunt, followed by presenting his rear end. Even though it was a compliment, Misha never perceived it that way and would give a playful swat to his back side. His favorite spot in his habitat was up on the hill where he could watch other cats and keep an eye out for the food cart. Meal time was an exciting time for Max and something he always looked forward to. As he aged, he had chronic kidney disease and some muscle atrophy. Caretakers and your support provided Max with the stairs he needed to still enjoy climbing his perches and platforms. In the last days, Max was very weak, but still had glimmers of that signature personality. He was calm and comfortable, but his body could not keep up with his internal beaming personality. He deserved to be free where he could shine as bright as he needed. I know Misha still feels his warmth with every ray of sun, his head butt as she cuddles in her hammock, and hears his famous grunt as the wind blows. Misha is doing well on her own since his passing. She's spending a lot of time in her tallest hammock on her tallest platform. She purrs when we talk to her and seems peaceful knowing she had a long, lovely life with her dear friend. Max, it is not an understatement when we say you were happy with yourself. That is truly a special gift. Shine bright forever and always.

With over 110 wild cats now calling The Wildcat Sanctuary home, something we have to think about every single day is raising money to be able to rescue and care for them. When it can cost as much as $10,000 each year just to care for one big cat, you can see why fundraising is a vital part of the work we do. Your contribution to The Wildcat Sanctuary goes straight to work helping save lives of wild cats in need -- both at the Sanctuary and through outreach and rescue programs all across the country. Please consider donating at


Pets Remembered on May 3, 2017




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