September 5, 2001 - June 25, 2017


Sep 5, 2001 - Jun 25, 2017


KC aka "Keke" and "Grandpa Kitty" (09.05.01 - 06.25.17)

KC is a wonderful soul and I've been so lucky to have him in my life. He joined my family when I was 5 and made me the cat lover I am today almost 16 years later. KC had a friendly, warm, personable charm about him that made almost anyone fall in love with him: a big friendly giant. He was sedentary and uninterested in expending energy via playing; however, he loved being anybody's nap-time companion. KC had one mood: loud purring. He was constantly forgiving me for hugging him, kissing him, taking pictures with him (and occasionally dressing him up)! He stayed calm and happy, providing his kitty support during the good and really bad times, and remained a steady light in my life.

KC loved eating food, including the occasional bread crumb, peas, and whipped cream. In his special cat way, he would ask us to watch him "kibble," or eat, because he didn't like to eat alone. He never failed to chew up every plant in the house and walk on the counters when he thought we weren't looking. KC always said "hi" to us at the door when we came home because he genuinely missed our absences.

He enjoyed a structured morning routine with Mom, and snuck in quality time with her on the rare occasion she sat down. In his eyes Mom was his soulmate. He chose her at his adoption and he exuded love and excitement every time he was near her all his life. In the hours before his passing, KC tried to greet Mom at the door one last time.

When he passed away, a close family friend called and said "but it's KC," implying how special he was to many. No animal can ever replace or surpass the bond KC shared with us. I'll miss his friendship deeply.

Thank you for being my special friend, KC, I love you!


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