My heart is broken millions of pieces. After 12 and a half years and thousands of pictures how do I submit just one? This one shows you as a puppy and then again around 5 years of age and to the left in your older years but still feeling very much like a puppy. On August 2nd, 2017 you crossed that rainbow bridge. You were always a happy dog, you knew how to love unconditional and forgave very quickly, always there to greet me at the door, tongue always going, and tail always wagging. You were there every morning when I would leave for work, I Pat you on the head and tell you I'd be back later. Always with a toy in your mouth you loved your squeaker toys. You would go out a dozen or more times during the day just because you knew when you came back in you would receive a treat. You would pause by the treat bag and patiently wait. You were my shadow indoors and out and now you're gone and you left so quickly. The choice I had to make to set you free is killing me but I could no longer stand to see you suffer; it would have been very selfish of me to keep you here knowing you were in so much pain. I miss you every day. I still look for you at the top of the stairs when I come home. I still go through the motions of wanting to let you outside every morning. I go to the store and I can't help but go through the dog food aisle every time just to find you new treats to bring home. I still have not dumped your water dish or food dish, your toys are still laid where they were left, your bed is still lying where it was left. Your chair, yes your special chair, was your chair and your chair only, it's so empty. Your pool outside, your personal pool is in the yard its empty. I don't see you playing outside like you love to do, chasing Bunny's and trying to catch those darned red squirrels that like to tease you. I don't hear the nails of your paws clicking upon the kitchen floor; you're not lying by the shower like you used to do every time I took a shower. I don't have you following me anymore. I vacuumed. Every time I vacuum I'm still picking up fragments of your hair however I feel like I am erasing you. You will never be erased from my heart, or my mind. I hold your ashes in my lap every night and rock you. My bed is empty without you. My home is empty without you. You can never be replaced. You will never be forgotten. I love you Ginger, the kids love and miss you very much. You loved those kids I know you did you showed great loyalty. You are so sadly missed but I know you are now free. Go be with Pepper, he will be so glad you came. ... Read More

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Mary Forcier
Aug 11, 2017

Ginger you are greatly missed, especially the licking of your long tongue. You are a free spirit now. Romp through the flowers, chase the butterflies and keep a loving watch over your loving family. Grandma Mary


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