September 18, 2017

Dearest Angel,

19 years ago you chose me by hiding under our deck and allowing me to rescue you. After a great life full of love with Bana the time had come for you to return full circle back to the place I found you. Sick with diabetes we were all so worried but you cheated death so many times. I am determined our love for you and your undeniable love for us is why you were able to hold on for so long.

You were the sweetest girl out there, and I was lucky to share such a special bond with you. All I had to do was look at you and you would purr. I am so blessed that you were able to give me almost 6 additional years of a little piece of Bana.

The house is quiet without you begging for treats, dancing for your food and coming downstairs for your nightly ice cream treat. The once annoying cry for us to praise you for fetching your toy mouse will forever be one of my favorite memories of you. I know that now you made it over the rainbow bridge and are surrounded by mice to hunt and treats as well as praise for your reward.

Angel, you can now continue your circle and return to Bana.

Rest easy little girl,
Love you forever and always.

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