October 23, 2017

Joey born in Macrae, GA

Joey has been a special gift to my family since he joined us back in the spring, 2003. He was a 6 week-old Chihuahua puppy and was only 2.4 lbs at that time. He had lived with us for 14 & ½ years and taught us unconditional love, patience, loyalty, kindness, and honesty with his loving tail and sweet eyes. Even though he was not a big guy, he was very protective and brave. He was intelligent, initiative, patient, and adaptable. He loved being around people, and loved walking in the nature trails, especially Normandale Park in Bloomington, MN. He really enjoyed interacting with others and cared about his surroundings with his welcoming heart. Later of his time, he had suffered from convulsive seizures periodically and he got set free from all pain and sufferings that could not be controlled by his medications. He has been always loved by family members, friends, neighbors, pet care service, medical staff, and more. He has taught us to learn how to love one another and to support each other through out difficult times by the values he shared with us during his existence and legacy.
You will be in our hearts forever, Joey. Love, Mom & Dad, Bloomington, MN


Shin & Paul Christensen on Nov 3, 2017

We deeply appreciate your kind expression of sympathy in our time of sorrow.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.


Joey's Mom & Dad

Cassandra Och on Oct 27, 2017

CandleJoey was very loved by his family. No more pain little man, your memory will live on. My thoughts are with Joey's family during this time of loss.

Kate on Oct 25, 2017

Joey was being loved so much by his family. Even if his days ended, his soul will be led to heaven and remain in peace.

Kate(Go Eun) on Oct 25, 2017

죠이??" 훌륭한 강아지였고 많은 사??'을 받고 ?-?복하게 지냈습니다
좋은곳?--?서 편안하게 잘 지내길 ??"랍니다

Pets Remembered on Oct 25, 2017




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