And so it was - my life began in a cage
How many years I spent there, I cannot gauge
First two, then four, then six, then eight
My entire existence spent living on a wire grate

Litter after litter
Year after year
My whines and cries for attention
Continually falling on a deaf ear

But then it happened, my usefulness was spent
My body and knees would not work anymore
My life had came and went

My miracle? The lock on the cage door came open
Squinting, I could truly see the sun
Could it really be?? Yes, my rescue had begun

Through a network of caring people, learning a loving touch
All the dog beds and soft blankets - I could never get too

My wildest dreams would never prepare me for
All the adventures my life still had in store

I had become quite a traveler, you see
We were always together, my very own family and me

Calgary, Banff, and Jasper too
I even got to breathe in the Rocky Mountain dew

Museums, restaurants, hotels and such
Disguised in a purse, I have seen so so much

The Badlands, Wall Drug, Yellowstone
I think I reach my quota
I have seen bison, bear, moose, and a rodeo in Mandan,
North Dakota

I have seen what I wanted to see
Done what I've come to do
My body has grown so old and tired...
Heart failure, Cushings, and paralysis too

Please grant me this favor, to allow my soul to rest still
When you are searching for your next companion never buy
from a mill

Remember me fondly, with a smile on your face
Because you - all my friends - restored my faith in
the human race.
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