January 27, 2018

Jynx (Our protector)
January 27th 2018
Jynx came into our family to protect, love and comfort us. We didn't know he was in desperate need of the same thing. At first he was a little scared but he came around and realized fast that he was special to us, our family had a rough 2017 but he was there through it all, he was a mommy's boy and daddy's soldier. I have never had an animal that would literally cry tears when away from someone for even a couple hours but he did, and Oh boy, when we came home he was so excited and happy! He would run up and down the hallway, jump around and whine a bit, one time we came home and he ran and jumped up on me so fast he knocked me down into the Christmas tree, I almost wet my pants laughing so hard, he always had to be right at your side. He had the best facial expressions, especially when there was no room on the bed. He wouldn't lay on the floor, he would climb into our laundry basket and sit on our clothes with a look of disappointment. Funny boy he was! He has three young children to protect and he did, my two year old could walk him down the side walk and Jynx would stay right there making sure he was safe! Everyone loved him, he loved everyone! He lost his life in a house fire, it was a total loss but nothing was worse than losing our best friend. I have endless stories with our boy, ask me l'll tell ya, I have plenty. He truly was a piece of our family.

We love you Jynx, until we see you again!

Mommy & Daddy love you!
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Laura Mayer
Feb 6, 2018

This story touches my heart! So sorry for your loss. praying for you and your family.


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