Rosie was brought into our lives about 1 1/2 years ago through a Rescue organization who saved her when the Bloomington animal control found her tied to their front door one day.
Our sweet girl had a lot of health issues. She was deaf, had numerous teeth removed and very weak back legs, among other issues. A friend had fostered her and since we lost another sweet girl approximately 2 years ago (Trista) she thought Rosie would be a good fit for us. Her tail never stopped wagging. She never growled or snapped at anyone. She took everything in stride. She was always falling or tripping due to her legs but would just get up and carry on as if nothing ever happened. She loved to travel in the car and needless to say she went everywhere with us even when she had to be picked up then put in the vehicle with her full size bed in the back. Yes she was spoiled and deserved to be. As time went on she developed dementia. She roamed the house almost all night long and slept all day. We would have to pick her back end off the floor many times during the day. She developed cysts believed to be cancerous and developed a cough. Rosie got tired and we knew it was to time to let her go. She is now playing with all her friends at the Rainbow bridge. We miss her every day. ... Read More

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