June 16, 2003 - March 20, 2018


Jun 16, 2003 - Mar 20, 2018


First of all we have always felt so bad about your name! You were such an amazing dog with such a silly name. Daddy's friends thought they were being funny by renaming you and it turned out to be a 14 year joke. Your name has brought many awkward conversations explaining to the vet and new people that we meet why you had such a silly name.

Our family was so blessed to have Wiener in our lives. He was a special part of us for 14 years. The love and companionship he brought our family will forever be missed. Wiener was my first dog and taught me so much about being a dog owner. He was so loyal and gentle. He was everything that I had always dreamed of a dog and more.

Wiener spent many hours swimming in our pond and in the lake. Wiener would put on a show for all when he would run off the dock and jump into the lake. He also loved to play fetch with our yellow lab. He also enjoyed spending time exploring in our woods. On a couple of occasions he brought us live opossums that were playing dead.

Eventually, we expanded our family and brought home two children who loved him so much. He was so gentle with our children. Our son Brayden really misses doing his secret handshake with Wiener. My favorite thing that Wiener would do is go and lay next to our sons bed once he was sleeping. Our children loved taking him on walks, cuddling with him, reading to him and camping with him.

Wiener was such an amazing dog and companion to all of the members of our family. He was so loved and we will all forever have a special place in our hearts for him.


Laura Mayer on Apr 6, 2018

CandleSo very sorry for your loss!



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