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Finding the “Right” Pet

I recently read an article about the many things to consider when you are thinking about bringing a new pet into your home. Of course, the list gets pretty lengthy, with considerations that include your schedule, activity level, space, finances, health, lifestyle, location and even your future plans. The article made good points about a thorough inventory of one’s life and circumstance before adding a pet (or another pet), yet, just like other significant decisions, we can never fully know what changes will come about down the road.

One of the great things about being a pet person is that pets come in all shapes, sizes, and maintenance levels! Most of us think of cats and dogs when we think of pets, and they are the most common household pets, although the list of pets is quite extensive, from turtles and rabbits to fish and birds and more. Dogs have perhaps the biggest range in size and activity level from breed to breed – they can weigh in at five pounds (or less) or two hundred five (or more)! When your family includes a pet, it guarantees companionship and a creature to share your space with. Some of us believe our pets make us better human beings!

We all know people who are content without pets, and others who should not have a pet, for a variety of reasons, but for those who do want a pet and are able to provide a good home, it’s possible to find one that fits the bill. And that is good for the pets out there who need a home and the people who want to share their home. Dog and cat shelters to a wonderful job of matching people and pets. Hurray for them!