Dedication and Compassionate Services

Once my family made the decision to cremate our pet, we soon experienced how difficult it is to get convenient, pet-centered, affordable aftercare in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our options, which included a long wait for the return of our pet’s ashes as well as having to say “Goodbye” in a busy sterile clinic, were completely unsuitable. We needed a quick, affordable, sensitive and compassionate solution for our family. This is why we decided to create Pet’s Remembered Cremation Services.

Pets Remembered is committed to providing veterinarians, funeral homes and pet owners in the seven county metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul area with the finest, most complete and professional pet aftercare services available. Your pet is cremated one at a time and you are guaranteed to receive your pet’s ashes back in 24-48 hours.

Our mission is to provide compassionate services that will enable you to work through your grief and better heal. Our commitment is to assist you in remembering your pet and help to create a lasting memorial.