Our Staff

Skip Wyland

Skip Wyland has thirty years of experience working with grieving families and friends through his work as a funeral director in Minnesota and Arizona and as a sales representative to funeral homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has been licensed in the State of Minnesota as a funeral director for almost 30 years.

We founded Pet’s Remembered as an open door policy pet death care provider and memorial center offering on-site cremation services for companion pets of all kinds serving the Minneapolis/St Paul and the seven county area.

We, at Pets Remembered, understand that the death of a pet can be powerfully overwhelming.

During this difficult time, you can find comfort in knowing that we are a family owned pet lover business and we promise that we will always handle your pet in a dignified and caring manner. You can be assured that your pet will receive the highest quality care.

The loss of a pet is an emotional time in our life. When a pet dies, there is a tremendous amount of pain and emptiness that we experience. It’s important to find comfort in knowing that your sorrow and pain is natural, and that there is compassion for your loss.

We can help guide you and your family through the various services and options that are available to you.

Carol Noren

Carol Noren’s background includes twenty two years as a pastor, in addition to work as a hospice chaplain, working extensively with families as they journey through dying and death.

Our pets are part of our family and we grieve deeply when they die.

For some older adults, and others who live alone with their pet, a pet may be their best friend.

The death of a pet is often a child’s first experience with death. Children rely on adults to see how to openly express their feelings. An adult’s response during this time can determine whether a child’s first exposure to death will be a positive or negative part of personal development.
Regardless of our age, when our pet dies, it is important to say good-bye, embrace memories of our pet, and find ways to remember our pet. At Pets Remembered, we want to assist you during this significant time.


Gini M. Kinne

Gini M. Kinne, CVT joined Pets Remembered in 2018. Originally from Los Angeles, Gini has always been surrounded by animals, especially those in need. Her hope to help those pets in need led her to study in Veterinary Medicine and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in 2003.

While going through Veterinary Technician School she had an opportunity to not only work with animals but to also help people during their time of need while losing a pet. Gini has worked in day practice, animal research, and end of life services. During that time she was able to grow her passion for both helping pet owners navigate medical, emotional and challenging decisions and to also help create a humane experience for the end of life pets in need.

She now lives in Shoreview with her Husband Jim, of 23 years. Her two boys and one daughter. She also has three cats and is a part of the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue. Outside of work, Gini enjoys, running her in home kennel free doggie day care, traveling, cooking, and watching classic movies with her family.


Shelly (Bonneville) Paustenbach, DVM

Dr. Shelly grew up just across the river in St. Croix Falls, WI. She graduated from the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and has been working as a small animal veterinarian for the last 15 years. She practiced small animal medicine, dentistry and surgery at hospitals in Zimmerman, North. St. Paul and New Hope. Dr. Shelly has helped her patients and their families through all life stages, from the first adoption appointment, through the wellness visits, bouts of illness, and sadly, when the time came to say goodbye. She has seen how people struggle with end-of-life decisions and arrangements, and how the added stress of a clinic environment can be too much. When the time comes, Dr. Shelly wants to help people, by helping them give their beloved companions a more peaceful passing at home. She hopes this, along with the respectful services provided by Pets Remembered following euthanasia, will make this emotional time a bit easier for both the pet and his or her loved ones.

Dr. Shelly lives in Long Lake, MN, with her husband Tom and two active, young daughters. While allergies and the busyness of toddlerhood has prevented pets from joining the household, her family loves visits with Skogie (Grandma and Grandpa’s very tolerant beagle), Brooke (Auntie’s lovable goldendoodle), and Rose (aunt Tami’s delightful golden retriever).