My Pet is Missing

We at Pets Remembered realize the loss of a pet may not mean death. We hope you find this helpful.   We wish you the very best of luck finding you pet!

Try to remain calm; your pet needs you to be thinking clearly.

These suggestions are in no particular order of importance.


  1. Leave the yard gate open – often pets come home and can’t get back into the yard and therefore may get “re-lost”’.
  2. Walk your neighborhood and check with all your neighbors to see if they have seen your pet anywhere.
  3. Drive your surrounding neighborhoods. Some pets get “spooked” and run off especially if they are not used to being out of the yard or hear unfamiliar sounds.
  4. Post signs in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods:
    Picture, color, weight, markings – Offer a reward.
  5. Drive to Animal Control. Don’t assume that they will recognize your pet by a description over the phone. Also, they are understaffed and often pets with collars can be dropped off and left for up to a week before someone bothers to call the owner. CHECK DAILYCALLS TO MAKE:
  6. Call friends to help you search – the more the better.
  7. Call Animal Control  to report your pet missing. During this time, confirm that you have the correct phone number associated with the pet’s license number and that they have your correct call-back information and description of your pet.
  8. If your pet has a micro chip, call the company to confirm that they have all your current information.
  9. Call the nearest veterinary clinics as well as emergency animal hospitals. Pets are often dropped off there since they have equipment to check for chips and can treat an injured pet.

10.  Call the police department non-emergency line. They probably won’t help, but you can pressure the operator to tell you if they have had any reports from motorists of an animal running loose. This could help you know where to look. Be persistent.


11.  Post information about your missing pet on the following web sites: (1-888-PETS 911)


12.  When your pet is happily back home, take steps so they won’t get lost again.

  • How did your pet get lost? Correct the problem.
  • Be sure your yard gates are locked securely and that the gate cannot be broken through.
  • Securely block any exits in your yard that may allow your pet to get out.
  • ALWAYS have identification on your pet!
  • Have a micro chip implanted if your pet does not have one.

Here is a link to make a quick brochure to hand out or post: