Hakudoshi (Haku)

Untold Snowwhite story
There will always be many coincidences in life and even meeting your pets. Sometimes you cannot control whatever going to happen tomorrow nor see unforeseen future that await you, and recently I just lost my beloved rabbit goes by the name of Haku. Faith that bring us closer together and blow apart 8 years later. I would like to take an opportunity to introduce Haku's friend also. So this will be a tribute to both Yuki and Haku.
Year 1 (2009 - 2010)
Enter Yukishi (4 months old)
Approximately 9 years, my pet up to this point were only small pets such as fishes, birds and so on. One day I returned from my class, and my parents were very exhilarated because they spotted this furry and fluffy rabbit at this particular pet store. And comes Saturday of that week, we went to check this rabbit. I remembered fallen in love with it instantly. I decided to buy her, and I knew she was really happy because she stood up with 2 front leg up on the air. We rushed her to her new home without any time to spare because she was put inside box with tiny hole, and I fell sympathize for her having to be in there for long time.
Once we got home, I picked her up from the box - she was very light and fragile, I thought. She starting to slide through the floor and investigate everything in our household, and eventually she went to Chinese land god in order to drink tea. I caged it for a while, but felt really pitiful for it, so I did not cage it anymore.
A while went by, we still have not decided on the name for her, but when I looked at her she gave the vibe of parity and elegant, and first thing that came to my mind was snow. And so, I went with Yukishi which is Japanese for "Snow Child". I started to spoil her by getting it a hut and gave her many healthy diet. I taught her how to go up and down the staircase and eventually, it learned and went down on its own to go hide and sleep, whenever the food time comes, it would know and came up on its own. Gradually, I developed this drill that it has to stand up for food before it actually receiving any food.
Eventually, Yuki learnt how to jump onto our beds whenever she wanted to be close to us. She especially jumped up while we are watching television. We always teased her that she looked so yummy, but obviously we could never eat her. One day I took it to our backyard, it was really happy rabbit that day, running around, and digging gigantic hole.
Enter Hakudoshi (5 months old)
Several months later, we are still happy with our Yuki, however, we felt like Yuki might be lonely being alone. So, this my parents revisit the same pet store where we got Yuki. I was not there myself, my parents went there and spotted this little white rabbit with crimson eye. My mother thought it was adorable and thought it was a good mate for Yuki. However, my father disagreed with her, and tried to tease her by poking his finger into the cage. Well, she did not take that lightly and she bit his finger. My mother ignored him and purchased anyways.
Once I got home, I saw this new white fell, and she was indeed pretty soft. She seems to be lost in our apartment from time to time. I had a name in mind, the name that would goes well together with Yuki. So, I decided to be creative with the name, Hakudoshi meaning "White Boy." So together Yuki and Haku would be Snowwhite or White Snow depending on the arragement of kanji.
Couple days past, I picked Haku up and let her snuffle on my bed while I was sleeping. And Haku fell off the bed into the carpeted floor - she was covered with layers of blanket. We started to play hide-and-seek game with her by saying "where is Haku?" On that very same day, I was showing Haku off to my friend on the webcam and she urinated all over my hand and arm - but I did not take that seriously - it was a good laugh on webcam.
Into Haku's first week, Yuki seemed to be jealous a little whenever Haku is touching her stuffs and chasing her all over the living room. Haku squeaked a little when she thought Yuki was going to bit her. We then taught Yuki that Haku is your friend, you should not fight your little "brother". Eventually, tension between the two toned down and they became really good friend.
Snowwhite's Story
After the rent for our apartment has risen, we decided to moved into a smaller place. This new place was described by my friends as a "New York subway station platform" due to its narrowness. Yuki and Haku did not like the tile floor that much because how slippery and uncomfortable for them to walk on. So, I decided to put blanket over one area in our room, so they could roam around those areas. This allowed us to watch them eat at the same time.
Yuki would routinely jumped on the bed and watch television with us, and as for Haku, we had to picked her up because she never learnt how to jump up the bed. They would always missed us and wait for us until we return home. One instant would be that when my mother and I went to Thailand for 2 months, and let my father be a caretaker for them. And once we returned, they gave us the most joyous welcoming jump ever and also running around in hyper mode.
Year 2 and 3 (2011-2012)
At this point in time, my mother relationship between my father's side was disintegrating. So, we decided to hide away from him and his family by moving to a new place without telling him, and of course our rabbits are going with us as well. Yuki and Haku seemed to like this new place because it has some carpeted rooms. Yuki and Haku would walked through the wooden in our living room whenever they wanted to go to their hut.
Yuki and Haku started to developed desires for sugary treat at this point because when we watched television, we would often eat Chinese cookies and they often begged for it. Most of the time, we had no choice but to gave to it or sometimes they would not be begging - they would just taken it from the package and hid somewhere where no one sees they eat.
Sometimes, we would take both of them to shopping with us, often time, strangers would mistake Yuki and Haku for dogs or cats because it is uncommon for people to take rabbits out shopping. People would come to us and inquired as what kind of pet do I have in the carrier. We also a doggy necklace that would goes well with Yuki, so we bought it for her. Afterward, we gave it to her, but it seemed like she did not like at all. She tried to take it off and eventually successfully in doing so. Also, she hid the necklace, so we could not give it to her again.
We also set up a new potty rule for our rabbits that they had to jump up this container filled with bedding in order to do their business. And Yuki often flipped the container over and had it atop of her because she tripped on the edge of the container. Then she would give that confused look whenever she tripped over. Other hand, Haku could not get in the container because she could not jump. So we decided to take that container out of the equation.
Year 4 (2013)
Lost Yuki
Another year went by; Yuki and Haku are still being mischievous like they are. I would repeat the daily activities with them and play with them. Until the late September of 2013, I got an offer for the job outside of the New York. At this time, I also did not have a car. So, it was a struggle to organize everything for interstate moving. I did not want to risk putting my rabbits on my plane because they might die of shock attack. I could not also trust the pet mover, and I would imagine how much my pets would miss me even for two or three days. My resolution was I would go with them on the hired car. And so, we went on the road for 16 hours through interstate 94 to Florida.
Halloween came, we went to Petsmart and thought why not dress up Yuki for Halloween. So, we bought a hot dog custom for Yuki. Once we got home, we quickly dressed her up in that custom and took a picture of her. We also left it on her for a while, and as usual, she did not seem to like it and tried to take it off again.
Everything went well for few months, they seemed to like this place as well as we do. Then suddenly, without sign or symptoms, Yuki has laid still in morning of December 16, 2013 when I feed it. And during that time, I had my 9 days vacation which I was planning to go to Orlando, but instant I spent my vacation mourning over Yuki's lost. It was really sorrowful for my mother and I, and our Christmas and New Year never be the same anymore....
Year 5 (2014)
After losing Yuki, we were devastated and could not afford to lost another rabbit. So, I started to look for vet that take good care of Haku. Finally, we found vet that treat rabbit. And the first bomb that was dropped was Haku was female even though we thought Haku was male all along. This misconception was there from the day that we bought her due to the store keeper misinformation. Thus, we were skeptical, but we did not dare question what was established until this time.
First thing that was advised to us was to get Haku sprayed in order to prevent any reproductive's illness that rabbit might experience at their elder age. And we also realized she had sore that covered her eyes, so, we decided to start her treatment on that. We visited the vet on bi-weekly basis, and result starting to show as she made a tremendous improvement with all medicines and supplements.
It had became our daily rotate to feed her all these medicines. Haku is very rebellious against medicines of any kind. Whenever she see the medicines, she would ran back into her hideout, and sometimes she even confront her fear by tossing the medicine bag around or moved it out of her way.
One day, I found this checker sweater for Haku at the shop and I thought it would be a good fit for her. So, I got it for her and eventually that sweater became signature and favorite sweater. Whenever I thought the winter it too cold or too chilly, I would put it on for her. We spoiled her with cushion and dolls as well.
Year 6 (2015)
Still continue treatment on her eyes, and we making progress. In mid-January, I had plan a trip to Miami in order to participant at Magi-Con. And I can't possibly leave Haku, so why not, Haku will go to convention with us. I strolled Haku around the convention floor and a lot of cosplayers came toward me to greet Haku and some even pet her or take picture of her.
Couple of months went by, another convention had risen. I also made a plan for this convention, but this time, it is in Orlando. We decided to stay overnight for 2 days, so on the last day when we checked out from the hotel, we took Haku to the convention also. She sure got a lot of attention like the convention
In mid-June, we decided to returned our country, Thailand again since it been 5 years already. But thankfully, our personal vet offer pet housing service. So, we instruct them on all things Haku likes and makes sure that she has her walking time. We were gone for 2 months, and constantly missed Haku every day. I often check on status of Haku with one of the technicians to see how Haku is doing.
Year 7 (2016)
At the beginning of 2016, yet I found another job out of state - this time is Arizona. So, I decided to journey myself through interstate 10 with 5 different stops, so that way we were able to see the country through and through. We first hit Florida's capital, Tallahassee and followed by Mobile, Alabama where we got to see the battleship. Afterward, we spent a night in New Orleans with a disappointment that aquarium that I wanted to see was closed. Then, we spent approximately 10 hours in Taxes alone. We took a walk in Japanese Tea Garden of San Antonio and some shopping mall in El Paso.
Eventually, we hit Arizona, our trip took approximately 5 days. At that time, our apartment was not ready yet, even though I booked the hotel in advance the deceptor still refused to gave me a room - so I urgently trying to find hotel because I arrived late at night; I want to be able to rest. During the time of staying, Haku's feet became dirty by walking on their carpet, but we had no choice, but to stay until we got our apartment.
May around the corner, and there is another convention to attend, so Haku is coming with me on this one as well. June came, Arizona's heat was unbearable - we having this whole week of 110's, so we turned on air condition for Haku, so she would not get stress from all these heat. With July 4th approaching, there was American largest convention that is being organized in Los Angeles annually. So, I also do the same for Haku for every convention, I took her with me again - Strolled her around a bit, and as expected, cosplayers came to greet Haku. This is the first ever that Haku been to the West Coast, she must be excited.
Year 8 (2017)
Around February of 2017, I got another offer to go out of state again. Now, I was going to head toward Midwest to Minnesota. And again, I did not want to put stress on Haku by boarding her on the plane. So, I roadtriped myself across the country again. The first stop was Albuquerque, New Mexico, we walked a little bit in the mall, I drove 10 hours through most boring scenaric setting ever, and quick stop at Wichita to have some dinner and stayed a night at Kansas City. Checked out Des Moines Capitol building before finally arrived at Minnesota.
We kind of forgot what it is felt like to be in cold again since we have drastic weather from hot to cold. We now put Haku's signature sweater constantly to keep her warm. We also found out there are wild rabbits that comes by my balcony, so we decided to feed wild rabbits with Haku's leftover. Often time, we would call Haku to come out and greet her fellow friends.
Haku was a funny rabbit, whenever we called her out in midway between my bedroom and living room. She would get embarrassed and run back into her hideout. Normally, we would say "Haku is coming!" Sometimes, she would even go as far as trying to sneak out. One more things about Haku is that she like to sabotage her food plate which I thought was cute in her own unique way. Every morning, her vegetable would scattered all over the place. And she would come licking our hands whenever she needs our attention.
Year 9 (2018)
Haku's lost
New Year went by, Haku was still healthy and running around like usual. We are glad that Haku was still alive and well, and being her. And then, February came, and one day before her anniversary (February 10, 2018). I found her not moving in her hut which I did not understand at all as why because the day before she was running around, eating and playing with us. She was breathing silently, so urgently rushed her to animal emergency clinic, and they put her in intensive care unit. We were offered an option to euthanize her, but we said "No" and we were willing to fight for her. I asked the vet if I could see her, I remembered my mother and I pet her and told her that "Everything will be alright". She understood us and she was struggling to get up, but still trying which is very painful to watch. I was praying that everything will be alright and asked god to let her through, but an hour later I got a call saying that Haku stopping breathing and they tried resuscitating her, however there was no luck.
It almost Chinese New Year too, Haku, why did you have to go so soon. We cannot call out to her ever again that she is coming nor see the scattered vegetable every morning. Who will come to lick us when attention is needed?! Who will ask for cookies every time we eat them?! Who will toss the medicine bags around or goes hide when one?!
Oh, Snowwhite where did you disappeared to? I missed you so...Now, our house been voided without your present. Please come back some day, and let know one another once more


May on Nov 21, 2018

CandleI am so sorry for your loss. As a fellow bunny parent I understand that our bunnies are truly family members and it is unbearable to have to let them go. Thank you for sharing so much about them. I will cherish their lives and think of them always.

Pets Remembered on Feb 20, 2018

So sorry for your loss. Losing our pets is truly the hardest thing in life to go through.

Laura Mayer on Feb 20, 2018

CandleI am so very sorry for your loss. These bunnies are as important as any of the fur babies out there. My thought's are with you.



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