February 10, 2018

Dearest Samba

I still remember the day I first saw a photo of you and your siblings posted on the internet. There was something about all of you, something very special, and I knew I wanted one of you. I started the application process immediately, and was very grateful for the people who volunteered to serve as references. Soon enough, the call came in for a family interview from a local shelter. The lady talked to us, checked out the house and yard, and finally we got the call to come and pick you up. She also told us there were 100 applications in all- but we got you! That made our bond for the last 15 years all the more special. We were meant to be together.

You were an energetic puppy with a lot of love, curiosity and innocence. You had a lot of energy and we had to figure out ways to burn some of that off....walks, beach trips (with burgers), crazy runs in the yard...and all those doggie play dates where you let other dogs eat your food because you just wanted to play, play, and play!

When we moved to MN, you enjoyed the walks to Lebanon Hills, around the lakes and in our neigborhoods(s). You loved going for car rides, and you were such a calm puppy in the car. I still remember and love our solo trip from Cleveland to Philadelphia. You were so quiet that I had to pull over to make sure you were still there. You loved getting your paws wet in the lakes but you were a lousy swimmer for a retriever! Your swimming ability made me laugh out loud because it was just like my ability....little to none!

As you got older, you just got sweeter and never lost your curiosity and innocence. I still remember your fears of sirens, storms, and fire alarms, as well as how you got annoyed when people sneezed or coughed while you were sleeping (in your old age, of course). Even with your aches and pains from arthritis, you did your famous "harlumph" jump, loved playing "hide and go seek", and had better footwork than daddy in soccer. You were also smart- you figured out from Rio how to distract Koko and get her treats. That's taking planning!

You were a handsome, sweet, and loving pup till your very last day. Though you got your gray, walked slower, couldn't do the things you used to do years earlier, you were still a pup at heart. We miss you dearly, each and every day, and always will. I hope you are enjoying your time up there in the golden meadows with Sydney, Max, Rio and your best friend- Koko! Give them all big hugs from us, and tell them we will all be together some day! Run free my sweet boy!


Gaurav on Mar 12, 2018

Samba was just meant to be. Hearing Pallu's story of how she got him made me believe in fate even more. He was so sweet and caring. Sometimes his showing of empathy would make me feel like he could understand every word I said. I watched as he stood by Pallu like a rock after Rio passed. He would comfort me when I was feeling low. He has comforted my wife, Sakshi, when she would feel low. He was so gentle with everyone. I saw him be a big brother to Mira, allowing to sit/jump on him, pull his fur (she was a baby) or his tail. He would lick her as if to say "hey sweety, that hurts". Never once heard him growl. I always felt that if I ever get a dog, he/she should be like Samba. But that could not be. Samba was unique.
Watching him meticulously open a yogurt cup with his teeth whilst holding it with his paws was something I wish I had on video - so I could show Rafa :D. Love you Samba. Our handsome, sweet friend. Miss you

Julia T and the TCrehab family on Mar 7, 2018

Samba nearly always had a smile on his face, never mind what new therapy we had come up with for him to do. He was such a gentle soul, kind and looked on the bright side. Dearly loved by everyone at tcrehab. We will miss you Samba!

Heidi Hesse on Mar 7, 2018

Samba was such a gentle soul. Even though I didn't know him very long, you could tell he was a special dog. He was always alert and happy to see me. He was so lucky to have a family that loved him so much. Samba is now playing with Koko on the other side of rainbow bridge!



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