May 5, 2018

Stryker - May 5th, 2018
I remember the first time we saw Stryker at the rescue center, June 2008, Peg and I were told he had been there for 6 months and very few came to see him and when they did he would not come out of the kennel. So we went over to the kennel, opened the door and asked him "hey dude, come on lets go out back" He popped right out and for the next half hour Stryker and I wrestled and sat and wrestled some more. He chose us and he came back with us to his forever home, we learned quickly he trusted no human. He scared away our dog sitters and dog walkers. A trip to the University of Minnesota for a behavioral review was in order. He had trust issues, just like a guy! We had his DNA done to help with the understanding of him, inconclusive. He was gonna make this a challenge. We never fully understood what was in his past, but he knew and slowly he let his guard down. Whether walking around Clearly Lake or just sitting in his chair barking at people walking by, he became more comfortable. He learned from other pups at doggie day care that life was good and humans are there to help you get the bacon cooked. He learned to trust people and LOVED kids. From an aggressive dog not understood, to a relaxed guy who would welcome you with a sniff and a kiss he became the best he could be. He confiscated two recliners, the corner of the bed, and don't even think about sitting in the front seat of the car on a car ride, that was his too! And if Charlie got out in the back yard, all we had to say was Stryker will you get Charlie in the house, and Charlie would come running back in and Stryker came in like a hero. He was. He was a hero to Asher, who ran to Stryker at any sign of mom and dad leaving the house. He was to Macie, who was brought in the house after being alone for years, he welcomed her and the rest is history.
Stryker learned love. And in return he gave love. More than one could ever imagine. He was my best friend, like none other. There is so much I could write about him. But really this is Stryker's story of changing the hearts of people, specifically mine. He had that way about him. As our fantastic vets, Savage Tower, will tell you he had his fair share of issues, surgery due to pancreatic flares, bad hips and the one that took him from us, cancer. He went across the rainbow bridge at 7:10pm May 5th, at home, on his bed, head in dads lap. Stryker, thank you for loving us and allowing us into your life, we made a great team!! Heartbroken but glad you are in no more pain. You are gonna be missed greatly, BFF!


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