Jacob "Jake" John McCartney
January 22, 1999 - March 9, 2019


Jacob "Jake" John McCartney
Jan 22, 1999 - Mar 9, 2019


Jacob "Jake" John McCartney
January 22, 1999 - March 9, 2019
He was our fur-kid. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. He lived for 20 years before he passed.
Jake was a scholar, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and bacon connoisseur who was also mischievous, spoiled and just down right funny.
He had the ability to identify and retrieve his toys by their names. He loved the challenge and even knew what rooms those toys may have been seen last to retrieve them. He was very gentle with his toys and never tore them up on purpose.
Jake went on many trips with us to several states and had a special grin on his face while making a "deposit" on the grounds of the First National Bank in Philadelphia during the Great Recession.
He loved going for rides in the car and insisted on sitting on his Dad's lap with his head out the window whenever he was allowed. Mom never really approved of his risky behavior.
Jake enjoyed those nice days of camping but wasn't a fan of getting his feet wet or hot days. He would let us know that he'd rather be at home in the AC by going to the car, barking to leave or just to let him sit in the car's AC for a few mins.
Jake was a foodie and had a "pinky paw out" taste when he could. Some of his favorites were surf and turf and an occasional soaked blue cheese stuffed olive from a top shelf martini. He enjoyed his vegetables, especially carrots, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. He even had his own garden. He wasn't very good at tending to it but did a great job keeping the riffraff away. He also really loved his treats and sweets.
Jake loved being with us. He knew what a hug was and would give them out generously to everyone he knew. He was a little too smart, for his on good, which he sometimes used to pull his con to get what he wanted. It was tough to get after him because we knew he was up to something and watched him set up shop. There were some intricate details and some half thought out ideas, but we still went along with the fun.
We will never forget Jake. He was just a cool, tough little dude.

Shane and Victoria McCartney


Burton Brown Jr linda on Mar 21, 2019

We loved Jake sorry for loss

Burton Brown Jr linda on Mar 21, 2019

We loved Jake so sorry for your loss

Bob and Annette McCartney on Mar 20, 2019

Jake was a very special fur-kid to Shane and Victoria plus an amazing fur-grandkid to us. His vocabulary recognition was outstanding. It was unbelievable as to how he knew a large basket of many toys by each name and would retrieve them when we would ask him to get one or another. His memory was better than ours because we needed a printed list just to play the game. We were so pleased to see Jake this past summer when he and his parents spent a week with us here in Ohio. Although we could tell that Jake was getting older and had some health challenges, he was able to still give me his wonderful hug that I will always cherish. We will miss Jake but he will live in our memories and hearts forever. Shane and Victoria were loving and dedicated parents for Jake’s 20 years on earth and have our deepest sympathy for their loss.
GP and GM

Burton Brown Jr linda on Mar 20, 2019

Jake was one of a kind we loved him sorry for loss

Mary stuckey on Mar 19, 2019

Jake was "special" he was allowed on Grandmas couch

Mary stuckey on Mar 19, 2019

Christmas at Grandmas

Mary on Mar 19, 2019

Mary stuckey on Mar 19, 2019

CandleI will never forget my fur friended little grandson. I used to babysit him sometime when he lived in Ohio he was a great little guy always listened and I played with him and he loved his toys and he was a cuddler. My deepest sympathy goes out to Victoria and Shane for loving him for 20 years he was the love of their life Grandma Stuckey



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