Bunzi Boy
March 22, 2019

February 2010- March 22nd 2019

Bunzi (Bunzie) was our little sweet young boy. The divine union occurred June 26th, 2009. His human mom was back in Minnesota for a visit and had no intention of getting an animal when she went to a sale barn one day. However, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a little five-month-old rabbit, sitting like a little hen. Just chilling and minding his own business. She was in love and knew he had to go home with her. He made the long trip to his new home in Georgia. His human dad was out to sea, but upon his return, it was love at first sight.

He was always easy going and adapted quickly to any situation. He loved to leap out of his cage and rest in a sun spot on the rug. He enjoyed sneaking across the hardwood floor ever so carefully so he could jump and run on the furniture. He loved area rugs or carpet where he could get traction for whipping around and flying into the air. If he got a whiff of banana, he would lose his mind until he got a piece. He had a strong distaste for wind and coins. If he heard coins clanging together, he would promptly thump his foot in disapproval. Bunzi's personality was larger than life. He could be described as "the kind of boy you want to take to school to show all your stupid classmates." He always made us smile and kept our hearts full.

Bunzi suddenly became sick in April of 2018. E Cuniculi had attacked his central nervous system causing vestibular disease. This independent boy needed his family more than ever. The first couple of weeks, we spent every free moment with him and slept next to his cage to help him when he would start rolling and couldn't stop. We questioned his quality of life. Also, our sanity. But he had a look in his eye that let us know he wasn't giving up. Neither were we. With a lot of love and care, he learned how to walk and hop again. Acupuncture changed his world. We will always be amazed at how well he adjusted. We will forever cherish that extra year we got to spend with him. He always gave the best little bunny licks to show his love and appreciation.

In his last month of life, we discovered he had a large mass in his chest. The night he passed, he had his treat before bed, was hand fed his favorite pieces of hay, and he appeared content. Bunzi passed quickly and we were there by his side to say goodbye. We will never forget that boy. He meant the world to us. It was an honor to know him and we will forever love him.

With love,
Bunzi's family


Skip Wyland on Apr 4, 2019



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Bunzi Boy

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Bunzi Boy

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