September 1, 2001 - February 28, 2019

Roxy "Miss Bo-Boxy"

After years of wanting for a cat we finally went to the Humane Society a few months after moving into our first house to pick out our new fur baby. I was making my way around the cat area to be sure I looked at all of the cats to give them all a fair chance and about halfway around I realized my husband was no longer with me. I looked around and saw him standing in front of one enclosure. As I walked over to see who had him so intrigued he looked up and said, "What about this one?" She was reaching through the bars and meowing adamantly to get our attention. We brought her into a visitation room and she proceeded to attack a scrap of paper on the floor and when I picked her up she went after my hair. I thought to myself, "Wow, she's going to be a handful!" But she was so adorable, and we both fell in love with her. This is how Roxy picked us to be her parents.

Roxy was everything we could have hoped for and more. She was snuggly, playful, silly, and very well behaved - except when she wanted your attention and would put her paws up to scratch the sofa while staring you dead in the eye! SO silly!! She had so many different meows depending on her mood, and she had the most expressive face I've ever seen on a cat. (BEWARE of the furrowed brow!)
Roxy was an incredibly smart kitty too, and had many tricks for waking me up when she was hungry, including turning on my bedside lamp! She loved hanging out with us and would often wake us up on the weekends so we would come out and sit with her in the living room - her in her blankie nest and us on either side. She loved bedtime snuggles and she loved making her mama take breaks from her work to snuggle by climbing up on my lap in front of my laptop. She also loved her lunches with her papa and would climb up on his lap for a snuggle as soon as he was done eating.

Roxy passed on a sunny day snuggled in my arms with her Papa by her side. She purred herself to sleep and then snored until she finally let go. We had 17 amazing joy filled years with her and miss her tremendously. Our home is empty without her.

Roxy was preceded in death by her younger sister Sophie who passed last March. Roxy missed her little sister and we hope that they are together again playing and chasing butterflies.

Sweet Roxy, Miss Bo-Boxy, we miss your sweet face, your demanding meows, your attitude, your funny kitty songs, smushy face kisses, and most of all, your wonderful purry snuggles. And, of course, your pink pad of power. :)

Kisses from Mama and Papa ~ we'll love you always and miss you forever


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