Mr. Kajinkie "Jinkie"
May 17, 2019

Mr. Kajinkie

Mr. Kajinkie "Jinkie"
May 17, 2019

Mr. Kajinkie

His full name was Mr.Kajinkie, but we called him Jinkie. We made him the 6th member of our family. 4 humans and 2 wonderful furbabies. He was such a sweetheart. With me and my boyfriend he would come and cuddle, not so much with the girls because they were younger and liked to hold him longer than he wanted. My boyfriend worked overnights so he slept days. He would come home and play with Jinkie. One day he played a little bit longer then Jinkie wanted, so Jinkie took off out of the bedroom and began to stalk his boyfriend sleeping. He had just fallen asleep, Jinkie ran into the bedroom, up on the bed bit him on the butt just enough to get him back and wake him up. Jinkie's revenge if he could have walked away giggling I think he would have. He was my little buddy. After my father passed away Jinkie knew I needed some comfort. He was by me all the time. Either laying next to me or his paw out touching me. I think he knew how much I needed him.

He was amazing. He was like a little gray tabby Yoda. He made our days better. He was such a nice cat, life is not the same without him. I have some health issues and I would be on the couch and there he was pawing at me to let him lay on my chest and of course he got his way and then we both usually feel asleep. He was with us 14 almost 15 awesome years. He recently got sick and I had a feeling he was telling me he had to go soon. On May 16th 2019 he slept a lot. Then the 17th I was holding him when he passed. I could not let him be alone when he went over the rainbow bridge
So I held him tight and away he went!
Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge, we will be together again someday.
♡@---{{---- ♡ @----{{----♡

Missing you lots, Mommy,Daddy, Taylor
You fur brother and sister, Booboo, Bella😪😪😪


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Mr. Kajinkie

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Mr. Kajinkie

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