January 21, 2019

My Molly was a beautiful girl that brought me so much joy. She truly was my best friend. No matter what was going on she could always put a smile on my face.
Molly was so energetic and enjoyed life so much. She loved to go for walks and adventure out anywhere she possibly could. She loved taking trips, when we would be getting ready to go out of town she would wait at the door excitedly watching me pack up the car. We had many great trips as a family - just me, my Husband, Molly and her brother Miller enjoying life together. We would go to family cabins and rent cabins and go camping.
One of my favorite memories was when we went to Bayfield, WI. Molly and her brother Miller waited at the front door with such excitement as we loaded the car. The fun and heartwarming memories were so perfect from the trip. We walked the sandy beaches of Lake Superior, hiked in the woods, went on the boat and took the ferry over to explore Madeline Island. Molly was so happy, we all were.
Molly was always extremely vocal and had a lot to say and she would let everyone know it. Molly would get so excited when my Mom her Grandma would come over. I would tell her Grandma was coming and she would run around barking and of course greet her at the front door with lots to say and lots of kisses. Every day when I would get home from work Molly would be right there with of course lots to stay and lots of kisses, it was my favorite part of the day.
Molly was a fighter from the beginning. She was a stray in Grayling Michigan that was found and brought into the local shelter. When I saw her picture online I fell in love with her and took a road trip from Minnesota to Michigan to bring her home. She was just a tiny puppy but already so feisty. I remember the first time I saw her in person inside the shelter she was chasing and wrestling a full size golden retriever, they were just playing but little miss Molly was definitely in charge and having a blast. I got her back home and she and I have been literally inseparable ever since.
The 13 years we were together are filled with so many wonderful memories. My Husband and our black lab, Molly's brother would frequently take long trips ice fishing at Lake of the woods so it was just me and Molly bonding and enjoying life together.
In 2016 Molly was diagnosed with kidney disease and I feared the worst, luckily my Molly was a fighter. I gave her medicine to help manage her disease and she responded very well to them. I am so grateful for the additional time I had with her although I wish more than anything we had more time together. Molly was a sick girl but you never would have known it, she was always smiling - literally smiling.
She loved watermelon so much, anytime I was cutting watermelon she was right there and she loved eating as much as I would give her. Molly also loved her lambchop toy. She would sleep with it and bring it all over the place with her. Molly was happy and full of life right up until the end.
January 21st, 2019 started like a normal day, me waking to her adorable face watching for Mom to get up. I let her outside and when she came in things changed for me forever. Molly appeared ill, I knew something was wrong and rushed her to the vet. Molly had a tumor I was unaware of that had ruptured and she had internal bleeding. As painful as it was and still is I had to let my Molly go. I miss her so much, everything reminds me of her.

She was the most beautiful, fun, caring, full of life girl and the best friend and companion I could ever hope for. I am so grateful to have had her in my life and she will forever live in my heart. Thank you Molly for all the love, peace and happiness you brought into my life and so many others. I hope you are no longer sick, I hope you are at peace. I called you my angel while you were here with me, now you are my angel watching over me. Mommy, Daddy, Miller and so many others love and miss you and we always will!


Julie on Jun 16, 2019

I am Molly’s grandma Julie, I love her and miss her so much. But she had a wonderful long life, So many memories from the time she was a little puppy, she was so spunky and had the best personality. Whenever I went to visit she was always barking crazy at the door. She loved life and lived to the fullest! We all miss her very much but have so many happy memories and know that she is happy and probably bossing all the other doggies around. I’m sure she found my dad right when she got to heaven he loved her too. And I’m sure my special doggy Buddy was there to greet her as well. They are all watching down on us and we will be so happy when we see them again! I love you Molly !

Linda raze on Jun 16, 2019

The first time I saw Molly she was a tiny white fur ball, rescued into a wonderful
Loving home! Lucky girl. She brought so much joy to Mandi and Chris and
Her brother Miller (who she loved to steal toys and treats from).
Her signature welcome was "aroooo, arooo!" We always knew we were welcome.
Molly will always be in our 💕 hearts.
Linda Raze Molly's great grandmother.

Auntie Lisa on Jun 15, 2019

CandleOur Miss Molly was such a joy! She was a big dog who thought she could act like a little dog by crawling in my lap whenever I came over to her house & sat on the floor with her. Molly had the most beautiful golden brown eyes, full of life. I can still hear her goofy baying bark, she loved to talk! One of the best things about Molly was her willingness to go anywhere, do anything, anytime. Such great enthusiasm for life that we all could learn from. Auntie loves you Molly & I can't wait to see you again with all the other lovely pets bounding up to meet me in heaven! Be at peace sweet girl & we will see you again.



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