June 15, 2019

Lucy was our whole world. I received her as a gift when she was 8 weeks old and her little ears hadn't popped up yet. She fit into the palms of my hands and went everywhere with me - even if dogs weren't allowed. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for Cheerios either. It's how I trained her on stairs. When I met my husband, he embraced her wholly the very next day and those two became thick as thieves. She waited for him to come over every day (even if he wasn't coming over). If I told her he wasn't coming, she'd spin in circles and bark at me as if to argue with me. She loved spooning with him, giving him kisses, getting all of his table scraps and being fed bacon. We skateboarded while she ran beside us, we went on many walks, she took so many car rides, she laid in the hammock with us every summer and swam in her little pool if she over heated. Barry made her a "poopie racktrack" in the snow so she always had somewhere clean to go in winter and we'd run out in grab her so she didn't get "freezie paws". She crushed every single couch cushion we have by laying on them so she could look outside at the passing world.

When our son Mason was born, she was so very careful with him. She'd give him the tiniest of kisses on his little hands and cheeks. If he'd cry, she would get up with me and follow me into his nursery to rock him. When our son Bodhi was born, it was more of the same, she was every bit their big sister! As the boys have gotten older, they have learned to play with her by enticing her to run "zoomies" around the backyard and basement by yelling "GO LUCY!". It makes them scream with excitement and she gets her exercise. Just 9 days ago, she ran her last zoomie around the yard with the boys while they chased her.

We wish we had been given more time, just the smallest of head's up notice so we could plan ahead for her to go in a calm and comfortable place - at home, but we weren't blessed with that opportunity unfortunately. The only reprieve is that she waited for us to come home from vacation so she could say her goodbyes because not even 48 hours after we came home to her, was she too far gone. The boys are too young to comprehend the magnitude of impact her passing has made on us, but her Dad and I are grieving so immensely. We don't know what happened, but the suspicion was a tumor on her brain stem which was causing her to drool and not be able to breathe. If she got excited, she would be gasping for air. All of this happened in a blink of an eye.

On Saturday June 15th, 2019, we made the most difficult decision of our entire lives and opted to let our babygirl go. Her daddy held her in his arms as I gave her kisses on her sweet little face as she slipped away...she's at peace and knows just how much we love her. Not having her on the couch or in my office today is killing me. She always joined me to drop the boys off and pick them up from daycare and she'd sleep in my office all day. She is sorely missed and our lives are never going to be the same without her.

We love and miss you so much, Lucy.


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