CH. Raden's Liberte Eclairant Le Monde CGC, RE
Liberte was loved by everyone and was easily accepted into the family by Justice, Olivia and the kitties. She loved going to dog training and became spoiled going to Caribou one the way to class every week. She was smart and eager to please and was a puppy professional by her first show. Camille showed her in Junior AKC and I handled her in Rally. She obtained her championship and titles with the help, guidance and support of the Raden family and friends. She loved doing dog shows as she loved all the attention, enthusiasm and excitement she would elicit.
She loved, nurtured and helped raise many foster kittens including Nike AKA itty bitty kitty who was our foster failure and her best friend. She raised him to be a good Rottweiler. They ate, played and snuggled together throughout the years together.
She was a very attentive and wonderful mama to two litters of puppies and taught Riot and JoJo many things and would be "the fun police" when things became too serious or out of hand. Her legacy and spirit lives on in all of her puppies whether they are show or companion to each family that has one.
She loved to suntan on the deck and steal cantaloupe (her favorite) amongst other things growing in the garden. She wouldn't get in the water the first few summers but became a total water enthusiast after that. She would sing to my alarm and the Harley clock and sometimes sounded like a hound dog when she barked.
We went many places on many adventures and did so many things- all of which are times and memories that will be forever treasured by everyone she touched.

Camille's farewell:
Big shoutout to everyone involved with Liberte, in whatever way. From picking her up as a puppy, to the last time I saw her, she has only ever served to brighten my life. Having the ability to show and train with her has taught me invaluable lessons, and to everyone who helped us out, thank you. This dog changed my life for the better, and the more I look back on it, the more I realize she's taught me lessons that will hold forever. I firmly believe she's a large portion of the reason I chose my major in college, and I didn't even realize it until now.

To all of my friends who got to meet her, and to everyone who got to pet her, I hope she was able to show everyone that Rottweilers are an amazing breed and are a great companion animal. I hope Liberte was able to change people's opinions about those big ol' attack dogs we see in movies. I'll never forget her.


Karen Rios on Jun 24, 2019




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