Chopper, AKA Choppy, Chopper Bopper, Chop Sticks came into this world as a prince and left as a King. We got him through a MDA ball in May of 2007. I will never forget the first time we met him. My husband and I stepped out of the Limo we were in and walked into the convention center where the ball was being held. He was a 10 week old black lab pup, he bounced through the convention center (with those huge paws he eventually grew into). He came right up to our group, he was so playful and loving and he handed out a bunch of wet puppy kisses. I guess you could say it was love at first lick! My husband and I had not planned on leaving with a dog that night, especially a lab as we had two Mallards for pets. Our father in law bid on him and won and we were lucky enough to bring him home in the Limo with us. He was part of a bidding process along with other items motor cycles and that is how he got his name.
Chopper was born at GOOD GO ING Kennels in Wisconsin on Feb 5th 2007. Part of the AKC. Born to Dam Good Go Ing Jessie and Good Go ing Major. Chopper was a gentle giant loving everyone he came in contact with. He loved to go in-between legs of everyone he met. My best friend's daughter who was 3 was afraid of dogs and he helped her not to be afraid of any dogs. He would always play fetch with not just a stick, but the biggest log he could find. He slept in the nursery on the floor next to both of our girls when they were in cribs. He was the best guard dog a family could ask for. He loved to swim, hunt, go for walks, runs, car rides, family bon fires and play with the water hose and spray it around the yard making his own sprinkler. He knew the sound of a fresh open can of tennis balls. He loved to play fetch. He lived for his breakfast and dinner and was a frequent napper. He loved his homemade dog treats and would always know when I had the carrot bag out. As a last meal my husband shared a chuck steak with him and his little brother Pluto a German Shorthair Pointer.
He slowed down quite a bit over the past two years but was still thought he was young, quite playful and rolling around on the ground like a pup. He was recently he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a large cancerous tumor in his abdomen that spread to his lungs. It was so hard because he was still eating and wagging that ginormous black lab tail until the very end. However, as I read dogs instinctively hide their pain as part of a pack survival skill. We cannot imagine the pain he endured. As a family we made the hardest but most kind and merciful decision. Chopper passed peacefully surrounded by his family and trusted vet on June 14th 2019. He was preceded in death by his furry friend cat Yuri a Norwegian Forest cat who passed 2 years ago at the age of 18 and Eva our "Queen of the House" German Shorthair Pointer who passed away four years ago.
Thank you Chopper for the wonderful 12 years of companionship you gave to this family. You will always be remembered as our loyal kind King. You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye. Until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge. We love you and we will miss you every day and you will never be forgotten.
Love you so very much your family, Jason, Chrystal, Dani, Robi and Pluto.


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