Tegan aka "Porkchop",

For those of you lucky enough to have met Tegan would know she struggled with a dog complex and spent her life fetching, greeting me at the door when I came home and comforting me when I needed it most. She was sweet and had the ability to win over any non-cat lover.

I feel lucky that I had a little spoon in my life that let me hold her paws as we slept and also that I made the choice to rescue her when she was just a tiny little nugget. I am grateful for the love you brought to all of our lives and miss you deeply.

I love you Tegan.



Lissa on Sep 22, 2019

I miss Tegan.

I remember when we first met how cautious we were with each other. She let me gently pet the top of her nose and head and then walked away and watched me from across the room curiously. It took a few visits and then she started snuggling up to me on the couch. It's hard to believe we started so careful when in the end she would dive bomb me in the middle of the night while I was asleep. She liked to bat at my hair if it hung over the back of couch and sometimes I would tease her with it when Dawn wasn't looking. I realized one time how fond of yarn she was when she completely dismantled a stocking cap I had left on the floor with a pom on the top of it. It was impressive how she pulled out every single thread. I remember discovering that she used her litter box as a sand box just to play in and kick sand everywhere for the hell of it. Off and on all night sometimes!

I never felt lonely when Tegan and I were sleeping together. She kept me company and reminded me of her Mom when she was away. I miss that. Tegan and I both used my room to get away from everything when we need a quiet minute. It was her favorite place in the house and where I found her when she died. She was safe there.

I miss her greeting me on the bottom step when I walk into an empty house. She never had to beg me to feed her. When she came down I gave her food, despite scoldings of overfeeding her. I liked taking care of her and she loved to eat!

Her energy is still here in this room. I don't think it will ever go away. I like feeling her here even though there's a tiny hole that aches when I think about her not being here anymore.

Tegan was special and I know every one who owns a pet will say that, but she wasn't mine. And she really was special.

Lissa on Sep 22, 2019

My stitching buddy



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