Tiki "Tiki Sun"

February 16, 2009 - September 19, 2019

Our joyful little Pekingese boy. Anyone fortunate to meet and welcome Tiki into their life immediately fell in love with him! People of all ages were charmed by Tiki, treating him like a rockstar! His long, luxurious silky coat was a handsome shade of fawn sable. His adorable face was enhanced with a black mask, large expressive eyes, a tiny button nose, and a splash of white on his chin. The Peke of perfection!

Tiki's sweet personality and intelligence was prominent as a puppy. He successfully completed obedience training and acting/tricks courses, then went on to become a certified Therapy Dog with Pet Partners, volunteering in the Dog Gone Reading program at a local library for many years. Tiki was the most requested Reading Dog, there was often a waiting list of children eager to read to him. He brought smiles to many residents and staff in a care center. He enjoyed interacting with people, delighting in their laughter as he entertained them with his impressive tricks.

A book could be written, titled, "The Adventures of Tiki". He enjoyed an active social life, meeting lots of people while attending car shows in Mom and Dad's hot rod cars, riding to the park in his little red trailer behind Mom's bicycle, camping and traveling to many states, looking out the window of an airplane while sitting on Mom's lap, wearing his Doggles while riding with Dad on a Harley, and in his orange life jacket out on the fishing boat. To simply bark just wasn't his style...his signature greeting was to toss his head back with a joyous, "Woo-Woo"! Tiki was our "Heart Dog", our "Once in a Lifetime".

Dear Tiki Sun - You may be gone from physical existence, but you are forever part of my emotional existence, your soul eternally bonded with my soul. When I first held you in my arms you were 8 weeks old. I promised to care for and treasure you, and I spoiled you with love and devotion. But I couldn't protect you from the dreadful disease that silently attacked you like a thief in the night. You bravely endured 4-1/2 months of the toxic side effects of chemo, trying to stop the aggressive B-cell lymphoma assaulting your little body. You and I made a promise that we would spend our final summer enjoying precious moments together, savoring each bittersweet day. I held you in my arms one last time on a warm sunny September morning, as you peacefully journeyed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for the purest love and everlasting memories, you are forever young, my Baby Tiki Sun.

Until we meet again, you're safe within my heart! Love, Momma


Laura & Oncology Team on Oct 23, 2019

Lynne, family, and all those who loved Tiki,
This is coming a little late from his oncology team, as we have had a difficult time with his loss as well. From his first appointment to his last he brought us so much joy on his good days, and so much heartache on his bad days. Getting to know Lynne and experience her bond first hand with Tiki touched all of our hearts. He was truly the definition of a heart dog for Lynne, and we are so terribly sorry that she had to say goodbye to her best friend sooner than all of us had hoped.
Tiki was so attached to Lynne that he wasn't willing to take treats from anyone else, she referred to this behavior as "stranger danger". Toward the end we had built up enough trust (and smothered him with enough love) for him to take his most favorite treats from us, and it was such a rewarding moment to have gained such trust from him.
Lynne, you truly did everything for Tiki and I still don't have the right words to describe what a lucky boy he was to be loved by and cared for by you. Your dedication and love for him is unmatched. We feel so honored to have cared for him and treated his terrible disease, and wish we could have given you more quality time with your wonderful Mr. Man.
Tiki took a little piece of all of our hearts and we will think of you often. We will miss his “Woo-Woo’s” forever.
Please reach out if you every need anything or want to stop by.

Laura, Dr. Keller, Bridget, and Alathea

Bernadine Anderson on Oct 2, 2019

CandleTo all who loved Tiki,
After looking at pictures and watching videos of him, I'm amazed at his wonderful life. He touched so many people and spent is life helping and making people happy. You were so generous to share his love and talents. Take care to know he was lucky to have you in his life and everyone could see how much he loved you. Tiki was a good judge of character and made sure you were safe and loved. He was gentle and made me feel welcomed and always put a smile on my face. I miss him. So sorry for your loss. - Bernadine Anderson

Lynne on Oct 1, 2019


Kari Valento on Oct 1, 2019

Tiki was loyal and beautiful. Truly an amazing Pekingese. May the memories comfort your broken heart...

Dave and Katie Anderson on Sep 30, 2019

Tiki was our neighbor dog and a friend to our dog Lopi. We always joked that he was Lopi's boyfriend because she was always excited and happy to ser him. I lost a dog 10 years ago and I think about him still and was so reticent when Dave wanted to get a dog. I know all too well the pain of losing a dog and the quiet household as you heal and move on. I know Tiki lived a wonderful life next door and he couldn't have received better nursing as he declined. He is safe in our hearts and memories.

Diane Petrofske and Ron on Sep 29, 2019

May you rest in peace Tiki. Whom ever had the chance to meet you will always remember you in their hearts.

Rebecca on Sep 29, 2019

Nothing was cuter than your woo-woo-woo when you greeted us. Glad you are at peace now Tiki. Say Hi to Elmo for us. You will be missed. - Norbert & Becky

Lynne (Mom) on Sep 27, 2019


Cherished Memories of Tiki

Captain Bu J Michael Castelluccio on Sep 27, 2019

Momma will see you again at The Rainbow Bridge. Play and have fun until reunited. Love, Captain Bu, Pirate & Mango



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