Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

While everyone who chooses to take a pet into their life accepts that they are surrounding themselves with lives more temporary than their own, our precious Duke (Charles the Duke of Burgundy) and Tiggy (Antigone) were more temporary than most.

As they were best friends their entire lives, it only seemed fitting to memorialize them together. Our brave and protective Duke and our sweet, loving Tiggy were only 5 and 6 years old when cancer and heart problems took them from us. Even at such a young age, they were so attached they could not be apart. Tiggy lasted just 3 weeks after her soulmate Duke passed. Despite all the love and the treatment, and as much as she loved us, she could not live without her best friend. They truly embodied the cliché of an old married couple.

Tiggy, I love and miss you so much sweetheart. You taught me so much about life. The time we spent together was invaluable. I will never forget how you refused to go to bed unless you were certain I was going as well. You will forever be in my heart and on my mind.

Duke, I had such great plans for us when you joined our family. You were the dog I wanted my entire life, and the way you welcomed our son home made young parents feel safe, and that everything was going to be okay. I wanted so badly for us to become old and gray together, and share all the hunting adventures you could handle.

I love and miss you both so much. I am so sorry that I put off fun with you so that I could grow up. I regret every missed moment, every pet you didn't get, because I thought we had forever together. Instead, I put off time with us so that I could make something of myself, and it is my deepest regret.

In the two of you we lost far more than pets, we lost family members and friends, and life feels quiet without you. I still listen for you both and miss you every day. My heart will always wear the pawprints left by you.

I cannot wait for the day, when just this side of heaven, you finally spot me again, come flying over the green grass to me, and rain kisses up my face in joyous reunion. When I can again look into your trusting eyes, hold you in my arms again, and make it all up to you, before we cross the Rainbow Bridge together. Never again to be separated. Take care my best friends, my beautiful puppies.




Peggy (Grandma) on Oct 30, 2019

Such a handsome boy! I miss you Duke!

Peggy (Grandma) on Oct 30, 2019

I love sweet Tiggy!



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Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

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Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

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Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

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Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

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Duke and Tiggy Boettcher

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