Pooky Shaffer

7/31/13 - 10/25/19

Pooky was a free dog. We got him free because he had an extreme overbite and the vet thought he would need jaw surgery. He never did need jaw surgery, but at the young age of two he had to have emergency surgery on his back. He healed like a champ and was the sweetest dog ever. He loved his brother Suntzu, and loved to chase his cat (BabyGirl). He LOVED to play! Pooky was very seldom seen without a toy in his mouth. First thing in the morning, if he didn't find a toy right away, he would grab a sock, just so he could drop it by the door on his way outside. He love to play fetch, and loved to chew on bones....even the ones that said "hours of enjoyment" he would go through in 10 minutes. Pooky loved his people! He would get so excited when his boys would come home and would bring them a toy. He was a very protective dog and didn't like for anyone to be near his people....he came across as a ferocious dog, but those of us who loved him, knew he was just protecting us.

Pooky is now a free dog, no longer in pain, and we are lost without him, but we know we got a great deal. We were lucky we got to love him for the six years we did. We already miss his head tilt and the cute way he would want to stay in bed in the morning. We miss his snuggles, the butt wiggles, and the kisses he gave on his terms. Rest easy PookyBear, we love you!

Mom, Dad, Winter, Pierce, Suntzu, and BabyGirl


Sheila Shaffer on Nov 5, 2019

Little lover puppy........loved to do whatever his people did!!!



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Pooky Shaffer

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Pooky Shaffer

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