Angel Bugos


GCH Victoire Phantom's Devil In Disguise, passed away surrounded by family and in the loving arms of her owner on November 4th, 2019 in the comfort of her home. In the show ring, she was a serious competitor but at home she was a crazy fun loving girl who was always doing silly things to make you laugh. She was the life of the party.

She was well known for her ability to "talk" and tell you about her day. If you asked her if she was bashful, she would rub her head into you as if she was saying, "yes!"

She loved to eat! When I was getting her food ready she always spoke up as if she was saying, "you're moving too slow!" and, as soon as the dish was set down, the food was inhaled!

Her greatest love was to lay with her best friend, Casper, on the heated blanket. They would snuggle up together and you could just see the bond they had. It just won't be the same without her.

She had 11 children: Mia, Benny, Clarice, Boji, Fergus, Halley, Prince, Flash, Tulip, Milo, and Murphy. Of her children, four went on to follow her footsteps in the show world with three becoming Bronze Level Grand Champions, and one becoming a Champion. In addition, those kids also went on to receive obedience titles, agility titles, trick dog titles, canine good citizen titles, fast cat titles and one becoming the first

pure bred bichon to get a coursing ability title. She was a wonderful, proud mom and her legacy will live on.

Until we meet again, my dear Angel, you will always be on our mind and forever in our hearts.

Diana, Casper, Mia, and Rockett.


Jackie on Nov 15, 2019

Miss you so much Angel

Melissa Cantrell on Nov 9, 2019

Angel was our little Boji's mom, and for that we will forever hold her close to our hearts. Angel was such a great mom! She loved and cared for her little puppies, and it was a joy to watch her teach them the ropes as they grew up.

We met Angel when we came to pick up Boji to take him to his forever home. She greeted us with love and kisses, and we fell in love with her, as we did with Boji.

Whenever I look at Boji I will always think of Angel. She will live on in our hearts.

So very sorry for your loss, Diana.

Veronica on Nov 7, 2019

Angel, the test dog you gave me that brought on an instant relationship and friendship...I always loved her full name because she was a stinker, and all dogs named Angel generally are. I am glad I was the one that got to make her beautiful for her last photo shoot, and that you will forever have those memories. So very sorry, she will be missed.

VICKIE HALSTEAD on Nov 7, 2019

Angels baby photos are in the large group of photos at the end of the tribute to her.

VICKIE HALSTEAD on Nov 7, 2019

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VICKIE HALSTEAD on Nov 7, 2019

With great fondness and love for Angel, I remember her well from the day she was born at my house. She was a spunky and strong puppy who won the deserved red ribbon and was nicknamed "Red Girl", a name that she responded to even as an adult. I always enjoyed her meeting me at the top of the steps at Diana's house when I visited, smiling and talking to me! Such a joyful personality! One fond memory was at a dog show in Lake Elmo when Diana & Angel won best of the females for a 5 point major win, the largest win you can achieve at a show. Diana was happy to win but didn't know it was such a big win until I went in the ring after they showed to tell her! I enjoyed watching Angel take such good care of her babies with lots of love. Here are several baby photos of Angel.
Angel enjoy your next journey until Diana joins you. You will still have a joyful impact on all who meet you.

VICKIE HALSTEAD on Nov 7, 2019


Angel growing up

Vickie Halstead on Nov 7, 2019

Photos of Angel growing up

Julie and my dog Bear Anderson on Nov 6, 2019

I have not met Angel. I have had the privilege of meeting Mia and Rockett. Diana is our trainer at Petsmart. She has a special love for all animals she meets. Her fur kids have the very best life because they have the very best Mom, Diana. Her fur kids are so well behaved and intelligent. It has been an honor to get to know Diana and her fur kids. Enjoy your beautiful memories of Angel. I am sending prayers to Diana, Casper, Mia and Rockett.

Heather McKay on Nov 6, 2019

CandleMy favorite memory of Angel is from a large Dog show. Beau had just exited the ring, and a very nice contingency of bitches had entered. The judge was a very tall, stern lady dressed all in tweeds. She spoke little to the contestants. Diana went down and back with Angel. Then Angel focused her eyes on the judge, then started wagging her tail furiously. To my surprise, the judge smiled, then spoke to Diana.
Diana, what did the judge say to you I asked as she left the ring. Diana smiled at me and told me she said "Oh my, what a cutie!"
I knew that Angel was the dog I wanted to be the mother of my future puppy. She had all of the traits I had been searching for- happy, affectionate, animated, petite, and incredibly pretty. It took a year, and a lot of help from Vickie, to convince Diana that Angel's second litter should be with my Beau. Halley inherited Angel's wonderful spirit and attitude. She has her smile and expression, her personality, her funny little howl, and her appetite. Diana and Angel gave me everything I could have wished for in a dog with Halley and I will be forever grateful. I believe that Angels spirit will live on in Halley and her future puppies.

Goodnight, Sweet Angel.

Heather McKay on Nov 6, 2019

Jan Bultema on Nov 6, 2019

I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Angel well, but I have the privilege of sharing my life with one of her offspring, Murphy. What I remember most about her was how patient she was with that second litter. Watching on the video cam was an education on parenting. They were a challenge. In fact I remember us chucking about the blue collar boy being such a bruiser (Diana selected him to be our Murphy🤗) He was always crawling over everyone. But Angel took it in stride and wasn’t vocal. She seemed to gladly take her breaks and was reassured by Casper often standing guard outside the pen.
I love the story about her love of food. It explains a lot. When we first brought Murphy home, even though our other dog was in a different room, he would inhale his food and even choked on it once. Now while I’m preparing his meal, he runs to a window to bark non-stop to let the neighbors know he’s going to eat. He then streaks through the house squeezing his squeaker toy. So yes, Angel lives on and the Bichon world is better for it. Such love, intelligence, beauty, and acceptance.

Stacy Grant on Nov 6, 2019

Talk about loving food! She was such a love when I had the pleasure to come and visit. When she sat next to me she had such a calming effect ..

Angi on Nov 6, 2019

My favorite memory of Angel is when you had surgery and couldn’t bend your knee and she got her face covered in mud. Her adorable look as she polled her head over the side of the tub is unforgettable. She will be missed. Say hi to Chippy for me Angel.

Karen Snyder on Nov 6, 2019

I am one of the fortunate people to have one of Angels children...Benny aka CH Victoire Phantom Italian Delight CD BN RN CGC CGCA CGCU TKN FCAT. When I met Angel for the first time in 2013, she greeted me with a warm tail wag and sat on my lap as if to tell me I needed to pass her inspection to take Benny home. She kept a close eye on me and when we came back a few days later, Angel checked Benny out throughly and then walked away. He had found his owner and she had given her blessing.

She was the best mom to all of her children..trying to keep everyone in line and protecting Casper, her buddy who tolerated everything in the Winnie The Pooh/Eeyore manner.

We will miss her and she will always hold a special place in our hearts...Aunt Karen, Benny & Brody (Your Florida Family)

Diana Bugos on Nov 6, 2019




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