Our little Gus came to live with us after it didn't go well with his first adopted family. We saw this ad in the paper and a 6 month old Peekapoo needed a new home. We had a 10 year old, very mixed breed small little guy already and thought he could really use a friend. We brought Shadow with us to meet Gus and make sure he was going to love his new brother. They loved each other.

Gus came home with us and he slept in bed with Shadow every night. The two boys played all the time. His love of going to the cabin and finding crayfish in the water was so funny to watch. He would sit on Carl's lap when he drove the 4-wheeler around the property.

He liked going for boat rides, playing tug of war, and a game we called "chase me, chase me"!

On the passing of his brother, Shadow, Gus mourned the loss of his brother. He had such human traits! He was lucky to have his dad, who retired, at his side for the last 9 years. I would come home from work and Carl would tell me that Gus and him would go to the bank to make a deposit, and Gus would get a withdrawal in the form of a bone! Boy he loved the bank.

Gus would never go to a kennel when we went on vacation. He would go to Grandma's house, who spoiled him with many walks a day and, of course, treats!

The last year, we carried him everywhere. We bought a 4-wheeler pet carrier and he would sit in it as we drove through the woods. I had an over the shoulder pack that he sat in while we hiked. We loved having him with us. In the end his little legs just gave out.

In his last minutes, he kissed my neck, telling me it was time to go. We will miss you forever my little Gus-Gus.

Love Mom and Dad


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