Zach Jones
June 27, 2020

On Saturday, June 27, 2020 we had to say goodbye to our amazing dog Zach.
Zach was adopted into our family on March 31, 2004. He was about a year old when we brought him home from the Animal Humane Society. Zach was such a unique and adorable dog that we just had to have him join our family. Zach was a perfect mix of Basset Hound & Black Lab, short and long. His stubborn, sweet and silly personality was a perfect match for our family. He quickly made his way into our hearts and he became the king of our castle. He was very smart and could do many tricks. Zach loved to eat! His favorite treats were carrots, Frosty Paws, Greenie's tooth brushes, rawhide bones and vanilla Greek yogurt, but he would eat just about anything he was offered or could snatch off of the table, counter or from the garbage. He loved to go on walks and bark at other people and animals. Zach loved to chase bunnies in our yard and frequently caught them. His favorite toy was a stuffed soccer ball with a squeaker inside.
Zach was such a great source of comfort whenever we were sad, hurt or sick. He loved to lay on the bed and had his own special spot next to Mom. Zach brought our family more joy than we could ever express and we're completely devastated that he is gone after more than 16 years of companionship. He was a tough little dog and fought hard against an ailing body in his last years of life. Zach was his Mom's best friend and his Dad's little buddy. Zach is missed terribly by his canine brother Gizmo and all of his family and friends!
Zach was a Very Good Boy! Rest easy now Zach, you've done your job well!

Zach is survived by his Mom, Anne; his Dad, Tim; brothers, Andrew and Brandon, sister, Hayley; his canine brother, Gizmo and many other family friends.


Anne Jones on Jul 9, 2020




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Zach Jones

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