June 17, 2020

Our beloved Lucy crossed over the rainbow bridge on 06/17/20. Lucy was a tough cookie, and fought a courageous battle of multiple ailments for just over 8 months. My sweet little girl's body was ready, but our hearts were not. I am completely grief stricken by her absence, and my world has a huge void where her beautiful soul used to abide. She was 11 years and 11 months, and we were so lucky to have been her humans for 8 of those years.
In the past 8 years, she was my constant companion; always by my side. I am just as in love with her today as I was the second that her eyes locked with mine. I have never had that experience with a pet before. From the moment I met her, I was completely hers. I truly believe that there are certain pets that are "soul animals." They look deep inside your soul and connect with you on a higher level than can even be explained. Lucy was my soul animal, and I am so grateful to have been her mom.
She was the most special cat I've ever met with tons of personality and intuitive behaviors. Lucy loved Arby's roast beef, and her favorite color was green. 10:30 PM was bedtime, and she would tuck me in each night with pillow snuggles and a kiss. 7:00 AM was breakfast, and she would lick my eyes open and purr ferociously. She purred when I would sing the "I Love Lucy" theme song (which I sang to her every day). She loved it when I would lay on the floor so she could lay on my ponytail and run her paws through my hair. She came when you called, said "mama," very clearly and audibly, and knew how to "sit pretty." She was my world, my best fur friend, and my baby. She made me a mom, and she made us a family.
Throughout these very difficult months, everyone told her how lucky she was that I was her mom. The truth is, it was always me who was the lucky one. Thank you, Lucy for picking me to be your mom. Never was a cat more loved. Rest easy my sweet Kitters. Mommy, Daddy, and Luna love you so much!


Melanie Tlusty on Jul 8, 2020


A few more pictures of our sweet girl.



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