Steven Marazzo

"Today we said goodbye to our little ouch mouse, Steven.
While he was in our lives for an unfairly short amount of time it's important to remember that what time we did have will be cherished forever.
When I lost Ginger a few years ago I was convinced that I would have no heart left to break. Steven let me know that I was, of course, incredibly mistaken.
This little thing did what he wanted when he wanted. He was a night animal of course, so he had the run of the house while we slept.
Every morning was spent looking at his cages (yes cages... he had 2 because of course he did) and trying to piece together how he managed to get his bed into his running wheel or how he managed to get his toy ball into the water bowl.
He would run in that wheel all night and then somehow still have the ability to trash his rooms. It was always so fun and exciting to try and piece together what he had done the night before and honestly there are a couple things that we will just never know.

Steven started getting sick. Then Steven couldn't walk or feed/water himself. We had to cut his rooms down to 1 and hand feed/water him. That was the first time my heart truly broke for him... When he could no longer have the fun we knew he used to.
We still don't know what happened to him. No vet could answer it for us. We loved him as much as we could and in the end we had to make the decision to let him have his final rest.
Now he can be free of the body that was holding him back and he can eat all the watermelons and mealworms he wants.
I love you Steven. We will miss you little man"


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Steven Marazzo

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Steven Marazzo

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