Ginger Rodenberg

Ginger Rodenberg

Ginger graced our home for 19 years, 3 months and 13 days...a wonderful lifetime of love and devotion to our family. She was a shy girl who never really enjoyed being held, but she always welcomed our caresses. Her soft, red fur was simply irresistible, and petting her was a much-needed stress-reliever especially during these trying times. She was a noisy kitty, yarowling with gusto when she wanted something, even at 2:30 a.m. I find myself still talking to her even after she's gone, awaiting her familiar response. Her presence filled our home with a loving, peaceful energy; it simply feels empty now that she's gone. In her younger days, she would lick my hair at bedtime, giving me a goodnight bath and tucking me in. Everyone thought that was gross except me. We are feeling her loss deeply, but know we are very lucky to have had our beautiful Ginger so very long. There was a stunning sunset on the day she passed; there is no doubt she added her beauty to the Light. May she be forever at peace and live in our memories and hearts. We will see you again someday.


anne Rodenberg on Nov 19, 2020




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Ginger Rodenberg

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Ginger Rodenberg

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Ginger Rodenberg

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