Dodie Nesseth

Dodie May Nesseth (3/15/2007 - 10/7/2020)

Dodie lived each and every day with pure joy. She could find excitement in a stick that she threw up in the air and caught over and over. Dodie's rapidly wagging tail was an indicator of just how much she loved people.... any people. She loved to hunt. Her elegance and beauty should not overshadow the amazing nose she had and tenacity to hunt pheasants.

Dodie was much loved by her family and never recognized that there was a difference between human and dog.

We were so blessed to have her in our lives and she will always hold a piece of our hearts.


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Dodie Nesseth

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Dodie Nesseth

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Dodie Nesseth

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Dodie Nesseth

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Dodie Nesseth

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Dodie Nesseth

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