Harley Melich

Harley "Boy"

Harley was a very loving and unique dapple miniature dauchaund, we were blessed to be with him for 10 years. He's been with our family from when he was a puppy of only 6 weeks old. Which I was scolded by the vet at his first checkup for getting him that young. But I didn't know any better. I was just excited to have him. My boyfriend at the time now Husband knew I was ready to get another Dauchaund...4 years prior I lost my 13 year old Red Dauchaund. I needed that time to heal from the loss of him. We were at the St Cloud airshow and he leaned over and told me we're going to meet somone to look at puppies tomorrow. We both knew I'd fall in love with him/ her the moment I saw them and hold them. He was right. It was love at first sight. There were only 2 dapple and rest were solids. I picked our Harley Boy out and held him all the way home. Best decision we've ever made. Our house turned into a home with his presence. He was such a quick learner on potty training loved attention and his walks. He chewed only on one thing in the house, the corner of our dresser which we still have, and will forever be a trophy to remember him by. He had amazing quirks about him that we can't deny, he'd sit like a prarie dog to beg for human food he wasn't allowed to have or for attention. We'd take him on walks on nice days when it wasn't cold or too hot in the summer. No matter how long the walk was he'd NEVER stop to sniff or mark his territory. He'd always wait until he got back into his own yard to potty. Pretty impressive I can say we'd never need doody bags to cleanup after him even in parks!! That will always be a memory of our boy. Even staying at Grandma and Pas it would be a day before he'd take a potty break. Probably not healthy to do, but maybe it was a anxiety thing or simply thought he'd get in trouble? Then we added to our family our Daughters now 5 & 7 years old. He was there for the kids through the diaper changes sleepless nights laying beside them as their protector. He was a loyal compassionate companion. Such a happy healthy boy up until Covid hit here in 2020. July of 2020 he went in for his annual wellness check and updated vaccinations. Everything seemed fine checked out good. Sent home with a clean bill of health. August got busy with 2 scheduled vacations. September we noticed he dropped a tremendous amount of weight licking alot the roof of his mouth.. his feet..yet still his happy self. We paid a visit to the vet where they looked him over, ran labwork, and prescribed prescriptions. His blood results were off the charts!! Kidney function low and liver function failing. We were referred to the hospital through ER and internal medicine. There he stayed for monitoring, IVs, and ultrasounds. He was diagnosed with liver and kidney failure. No cancer. No obstructions. No masses. They didn't like the word failure when I questioned it... rather wanted to find the cause of it. From then we were re checking bloodwork and doing meds he seemed fine. Until he lost all interest in any food.I was absolutely devastated. He went to heaven Wednesday November 18th 2020. We now have a empty void here once filled by his wagging tail his cute eyes and prarie dog stance. He'll always be in our thoughts prayers and memory. Harley Boy we're truly blessed to have you in our lives. Mommy wishes there was more I could do for you. We all LOVE you. Miss you beyond measure. "Walkie walkie?? Puppy treat? Go bye bye for car ride? How about a puppy baff? (Bath) . "❤🐾


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Harley Melich

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Harley Melich

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