Charlie Glock

Charlie came into my life as a young kitty that needed a second chance. He was to be euthanized at an emergency clinic I was working at after falling out of a tree and shattering his humerus.

My sweet Charlie, I labored for days thinking about putting together your memorial and what elaborate things I could say about you. When Fortunato & Abbey passed, there was so much to say about each of them, including their tale of rescue. The more I thought about what to say about your journey, made me think ultimately more about your spirit, and with that spirit of light and love, it would never be your style to focus on your past. You never languished in your "previous life". You always had pure joy in your heart and your ability to trust was unfounded in a world where many let you down. You inspired me by your ability to forget your unfortunate past and immediately find gratitude in your present. Although my words will be simple about your memory, you are far from that. You were sensitive yet courageous, always loving, and oh so silly. Your disability never slowed you down as a three-legged boy and you always reminded me in moments of poor self-esteem or emotionally dark times to have gratitude for all we do have. I've always referred to you as my sweet angel. My sweet Siam. You were scheduled to be euthanized for a broken leg and for 17 years it seemed as though I rescued you. All the while through ups and downs of life, you truly were the one that rescued me. You finally got your wings my sweet angel. Mama loves you


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Charlie Glock

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Charlie Glock

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