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Emmitt came to our family Thanksgiving weekend. His litter family brought us the two males in the litter. They went to a Vikings game and we played with the puppies for the afternoon. We chose the one who did NOT dig in the yard! Emmitt slept upside down that day and that continued throughout his life; we called him the upside-down dog. We lived in the country and had a lake cabin, so Emmitt was a lucky dog with lots to explore.

He was a chow-hound and a lover, as most golden retrievers are. On poker night, he would make his way around under the table to get a head scratch and a treat from every player. Sadly, his "pack leader" (my husband) passed away when Emmitt was five; he slept in front of the door for a month waiting for him to come home. When I later moved into the city, I was worried that my tiny yard and having to walk on a leash would make Emmitt unhappy, but it turned out he was just happy to be with me.

Emmitt was never allowed on the bed or the furniture, but he was good about resting his chin heavily on the edge of the mattress or your lap, just to get some love. He had a keen sense of time and came looking for me at 5:01 PM if I had forgotten dinner was at 5! He was a real people dog. I joked that at the dog park, he couldn't decide if he liked the dogs or the people better (the people!). He had a large vocabulary and could "bring my shoe" and "bring the other one" so I could get ready to go for a walk.

I miss him coming to find me in the house, just to check-in; laying with him on the floor to watch TV; and watching him dream of chasing squirrels (or whatever!). Emmitt was a good dog and I was blessed to be his Mom for 14 years.


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Emmitt Davenport

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Emmitt Davenport

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