Murphy Rinnels-Maxa

Murphy Rinnels-Maxa

On December 26, 2020, I had decided that it was time to help my Murphy cross the rainbow bridge. Murphy was 16 years old and he was my everything. Murphy was 8 weeks old when I brought him home and he was as spunky right from the start. He was dragging his littermate sister around by her collar, to eating a 5Lb bag of potatoes, fathering two fur boys(1 I still have and he's 12), eating a bag of mini snickers (wrappers still on) that Murphy took out of the cupboard, eating 3 cookie sheets of peanut butter blossoms one year for Christmas. Murphy managed to get through all of that with no issues. I took him to the vet in September as he had developed a lump on his front leg. The vet looked at it and said it is a mass of some sort and felt that it may be cancer that wouldn't spread and it would only get bigger and with Murphy's age he didn't feel it would be right to have him undergo surgery as the doctor didn't feel Murphy would come out of it. So the doctor said we would just keep him comfortable. As the mass grew larger that didn't seem to stop him from running around the backyard with his 12 year old son, barking at people walking by on the sidewalk. Murphy was always so curious as to what was going on and inspecting everything that he came upon. Murphy loved to be vacuumed with the wand, he would come and stand by me until I vacuumed him. Lol. As the mass started to get larger and break through the skin I did dressing changes everyday and kept it clean and dry. He was my everything so I probably went farther than any other fur mom. Murphy took his Arthritis and pain pill everyday and appeared happy. On the morning of Christmas Murphys back legs gave out and he needed help going outside to potty and help around the house as his legs kept giving out. Then on Christmas evening kinda bounced back and was walking around without any assistance. Then the morning after Christmas Murphy wouldn't get up to go outside, and he was sleeping more and his appetite had decreased a lot. Needless to say Murphy never missed a meal and was often waiting at the fridge for his "carrot" treats. So on that morning I made the decision that I needed to help him cross the rainbow bridge. A decision that no one wants to ever make. That decision ripped my heart out but I had to do what was best for him. Murphy was more then just a dog he was my shadow, my buddy , my companion, and he gave me strength as he tried so hard to keep going. Murphy will be endlessly loved and missed everyday for the rest of our lives. His unconditional love will never be forgotten, until we meet again my sweet boy.
Your family Kimberly , Brittaney, Nate and Kaeden. ❤️ 🐾


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Murphy Rinnels-Maxa

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Murphy Rinnels-Maxa

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