Mazy Schumann

Mazy Schumann.
Mazy was born March 16th 2013.
She has been such a big part of my life all of these years. I held her when she was just 7 months old and knew instantly she was so special to me and that I wanted to adopt her. (Even though I hardly knew a thing about ferrets at the time!) It was one of the best decisions I ever made.
She grew with me over the years, and she also bonded with my family. She was no doubt quickly a part of the family.
Everyone who met her loved her so much and thought she was the silliest little creature. She loved being taken outside so she could hop around the leaves or explore around the yard.
She also would make little squeaks when you tickled her belly, and would lay on her back like a dog sometimes so you could tickle her more! She loved getting smooches too.
Mazy also loved to chase our feet as we walked by sometimes! She was so funny.
She got along with my brothers dog very well and they would play "tag" too!
About 2 years ago she started getting very grey fur..
Mazy passed away January 9th. She was so so loved, and I am forever thankful that she was a part of my life and my families. I'm so thankful that everyone who met her got to see what a beautiful and sweet little ferret she was. Mazy will forever leave a mark in our hearts. I hope wherever she is now she is getting all of the treats, tickles, and smooches and knows how incredibly loved she is.
Rest in peace, sweet girl.
- Arianna


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Mazy Schumann

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Mazy Schumann

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