Peanut Johnson
December 13, 2009 - January 29, 2021

Peanut Johnson

Peanut Johnson
Dec 13, 2009 - Jan 29, 2021

Peanut Johnson

Peanut Johnson

AKA Nutters, Nutter Butter, Baked Potato, Baby Girl

Dec 13/09-Jan 29/21

As our sign said * It really is the dogs house, we just pay the mortgage*

Peanut was well known for giving kisses ( even if you did not want one) and begging for food. If there was food, she was there. Sitting beside you waiting for you to drop something or share. Sharing was 1 for me, 1 for Peanut, right Jen? She loved veggies, blueberries, cheese slices, bacon and pizza crust..

Peanut loved to video chat with her Nanny, Aunt Debbie & Hannah in Canada. The famous words were Peanut want a cookie? Or as Hailey would say.. Peanut want a Tookie?? She would run to her cookie container & talk to them so she could get one.

She sat in the door or window every morning waiting for her little humans Dempsey & Immy to show up. She always knew they would drop something for her or get some snuggles.

She was daddy's girl, she laid on his lap as soon as he got home from work & had to snuggle into him at bedtime, unless mommy went first. She loved to steal your chair & ruffle blankets. A new blanket came in the house, she claimed it!

Peanut had more toys that many kids we knew. She loved to play with them, but every time she got a new one, that one became her favorite. Except for the one she stole out of Aunt Ruby's suitcase, she has played with that one for years.

Peanut had heart issues for a few years. It finally all caught up to her & one day she gave her mommy that look and decided it was time. We held her for the last time to let her know it was ok to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Always and Forever in Our Hearts.

You left your Paw Print with everyone you met. XOXO


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