Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

Piper was born Feb. 11th 2018 and was one of two boys we picked out from our breeder. Piper was a Dark Eyed Cinnocut and his brother was Lil Oliver Jr. was Dark Grey Black Faced who passed away end of last year believed to be suffering from WHS. I just wanted to mention him also, because you took great care with him also. Piper was very very active; he really loved his wheel and was usually on it most of the night. I called him my little Olympian/Gold Medalist, because he was so athletic. He also loved to shake his blankets whenever I added them to his cage or hide. Sometimes he would bump himself doing this and that was worrisome. I always talk to my boys, but he just wouldn't stop doing the shaking. I guess it was his way of letting it know who the boss was or possibly just adjusting it to his liking. He was very impatient when I would take him out at night and loved to scamper off and explore, but most of all he wanted to go hide by his wheel or run on it. He wasn't sick that I noticed, although he did stop running and wasn't eating like he usually did the last week of his life. I was really shocked when I went to check on him Early Saturday morning and noticed he left me to see his brother at the Rainbow bridge. I will miss him every day and will always Love Piper and his brother Lil Oliver Jr.


Piper on Feb 11, 2021



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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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Piper and Oliver Jr. Winger

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