Tiggy-Winkle McClay

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2014 - 2020

This was Tiggy-Winkle, my little buddy. He was a rescue African pigmy hedgehog that stole our hearts for five years. His introduction into my life came from a former neighbor who had spotted him free roaming in her garden eating bird seed. A couple of weeks passed before they captured this guy. As no one stepped up to claim him, I leapt at the chance to take him home. There was much to learn about hedgehog behavior, indoor habitat, and feeding. He was very undomesticated at first - balling up, hissing, popping, and biting. It took many months of constant handling and feeding him before he tolerated me, and we reached an understanding relationship, that is, he was to remain semi-wild. Tiggy developed a discerning palate and feasted on minced chicken, scrambled eggs, tilapia, and salmon - no kibble for him. His absolute delight was meal worms which he gobbled down voraciously. We had a routine every evening (he slept during the day) of feeding and free roaming time. You could hear his little nails pitter-pattering on the floor as he ran this way and that. Sadly the life span of hedgehogs runs out between 4-6 years. I knew he had developed a serious condition, most likely a tumor, but he kept on going full speed and blessed me with his presence for one more year. Tiggy-Winkle was the cutest little critter. He gave us much joy. He was well loved.

My sincerest thanks to Pets Remembered for showing such tenderness and care to Tiggy-Winkle and me and preserving his memory.

Carolyn McClay


Jeff on Feb 24, 2021

Wow, you were very lucky to have him so long. My condolences go out to you and Tiggy-Winkle. He is so cute and loveable, reminds me of Sammy. I was curious and wondering if you could mention where you found him, if in MN how could he survive the Winter or do you think he was recently left out in the wild? I love Hedgies and have had 6 in total, but sadly only have 2 left to Love and cherish. I will always Love my boys.



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Tiggy-Winkle McClay

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