Beans Ekman

Just want to start this out by saying we know your name was a bit ridiculous, but over the years, the name you were given (which did not suit you at all!) just evolved into Beans. Also, it didn't help that you usually acknowledged it with some level of enthusiasm. So the name stuck. Just like you. You weren't originally a member of this household, but once you got here, we made sure you weren't going anywhere. And it's a good thing we did, because Kiernan sure did love you.

So here we are, on the anniversary of his passing.. and his brother's.. writing this to you. We are a few days late in posting this, but in all honesty, we just didn't want to do it. You were our last. And somehow, having you around made the rest of them a little less.. gone.. You were our connection and helped keep the memories of them all a bit closer.

Beanie Bean Beans, requesting ice cubes in your water dish, ham from the fridge, a new flavor treat every week, and that you absolutely must sit in-between us on the couch. You were the oldest (18.5yrs) but thought for sure you would be around a lot longer. The past year, you picked up and carried on traits from all the others, which makes this so sad and crushingly final. A house without animals is not a home but we could not replace any of you...
Our final goodbye. To you, Beans, and our connection to the others. The house is empty and unnaturally quiet. No one yelling about their dinner time or sparkle balls, or nails clicking across the floor to get into something they shouldn't. We are lost, feel a bit out of place in this house we bought for all of you Muppets. Our only hope is if there is anything after all this, that you are all together again.
Thank you all for so many wonderful years. Thank you for everything.


Julie on Mar 19, 2021

CandleBeans....I’m sending extra love your way so you can find your buddies and share with them.

Jeff on Mar 18, 2021

Jeff on Mar 18, 2021

Jeff on Mar 18, 2021



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Beans Ekman

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