Harvey Anderson

Harvey "Wallbanger" had such a personality it's difficult to think he's gone. Harvey was born in 2003 and I adopted him when he was 2 years old from the humane society in November 2005. He always loved meeting new people, he wasn't shy, which was fun. He was loving but had a sassy side. He had the biggest green eyes. He had lots of nicknames and theme songs we'd sing to him every day. He was famous for Harvey lace, where he'd chew the perimeter of any paper, plastic, or cardboard left unattended. He loved playing with his toys and laser pointer mouse, often jumping high into the air for them, even into his last year, if not as often. He loved shower time every day and would come running. He also loved bath time and wanted to try to drink the hot water. He was famous for his extra long candy cane tail that was always straight up except curved at the very top with its white tip. Everyone called it a scorpion tail because we would lash himself in the head with it whenever he got excited or agitated. I even finally found him a scorpion costume in time for Halloween last year which he hated. He loved to sleep in the most twisted and contorted positions, usually on his back, all the time, often wrapped around a table or chair leg. Harvey loved Doritos and popcorn, which I never thought he'd eat. He recognized both from afar. He slept above me on the arm of the couch when I napped, and usually got into bed before I did, but he'd wait for me. He developed hypothyroid disease and kidney disease in his last year, but were mild, and we never figured out why he stopped eating in the last 2 months. Harvey went to heaven on March 27th comforted by his daddy and his grandma. I asked for him to please wait for me in heaven. He was in my life for 15 years, 4 months, and 8 days and it was not enough. He was close to his 18th birthday. He will be forever missed every day and deeply loved in our hearts always.


Nick Heroff on Apr 13, 2021

My favorite memories of Harvey we’re just knowing that he was going to be there anytime I visited Rossy. I love how twisted and crazy his body got, he was a great kitty to cuddle with and play with. I will miss Harvey so much and I know that he is with my Mimi and they are playing together and enjoying each other’s company.

Dave on Apr 13, 2021

He was a fun guy and good roommate. He'd put his face between my mouth and the cheese puff in my hand while I snacked.

Mark Huggenberger on Apr 13, 2021

Harvey was a great cat. He was always friendly and let me pet him. He very much had a wonderful personality and we will miss him.
Mark H & Bill Y.



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Harvey Anderson

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Harvey Anderson

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