Maddy Emmons

On April 5, 2021, Dustin and I lost our Maddy Girl.

Although too short, Maddy lived a full life. I adopted her in Southern Indiana when she was 12-weeks old in 2008. I can still remember her plump, puggy body rolling out of the travel kennel. I picked her up after she came to me and I knew it was meant to be. Throughout our life together, we traveled from coast-to-coast, moved across the country twice, and enjoyed countless meals, hours of video gaming, and opportunities to cuddle. We hiked around the San Juan and the Wasatch Mountains, jogged around the track behind my apartment, walked miles through neighborhoods near and far, and, yes, sometimes skipped our way through this life together. Her snorts and snores comforted me when I was anxious, when I was afraid, and when I was lonely. Even after I decided to share my life with Dustin, her wrinkly companionship was essential to my existence.

Maddy loved to play with her fire hydrant, chew on her nylabones, and rub her face anywhere that felt soft. She would wedge herself between the two of us in bed, lying on her back, and resting her head on our pillows. When it was time to get out of bed, she would stand on our arms, sit on our heads, or wrestle with Dustin. When it was time for breakfast or dinner, she would exclaim in joy. When it was time for bed, she would wait at the bottom of the stairs so we all climb them together. She enjoyed a little yogurt but she especially loved her blueberries, carrots, and cheese. She loved to sit halfway up the hill in our backyard and soak in the sun as Dustin and I were busy gardening.

The loss of this love is immense. In the depths of grieving, it can be difficult to imagine how we can go on without her. She was integral to our lives, a centerpiece of our being, and a beacon of optimism when life became tough. Now as we struggle with the stormy seas of sorrow and the rough waves of grief wash over us, we are reminded of the beauty we shared both while she was well and while she was sick. While the silence in our house is deafening, we know our Maddy Girl exists in our hearts forever. I can still hear those short, clanking nails on our floor as she slowly meanders to me.

Rest in Peace, Madlyn Dyler.


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Maddy Emmons

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