Molly Lucy

Molly (born 2003, joined family 4/26/09, taken from us, 4/29/21)
Molly is our "soul pet" that will forever be part of our family, since we adopted her at 6yo in 2009. She was 18yo when she tragically lost her life to a predator in her own yard. Molly was in good health and I believe she could have been around a lot longer. She was an important part of our family that saw us through 3 different moves and buying our house, the birth of both our children, gains and losses of other pets, and many other ups and downs of life. She was forever loyal to us and loved her family fiercely. A constant comfort on our bed and my pillow, every night. We will miss her purring, her sweet sounds, her warmth and comforting nature, her nuzzles and her paw on my face at night, and all her beautiful features, including her unique "patchwork" nose. We will also miss all the quirks and antics that provided us with many laughs and smiles. Molly was truly one of a kind.


Beth on May 3, 2021

I never met your sweet Molly but it is clear that she was loved so much and that she gave so much love too. So sorry for your loss, try to remember all the sweet and fun memories- not how she lost her life. Love Auntie Beth💕



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Molly Lucy

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Molly Lucy

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